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  1. SMSgt Shadow box

    Cool first Sgt design for a SMSgt
  2. USAF Master Sargeant Shadow box

    Truly one of the most complex designs to date, the case was simple to make….however the "insides" is another story! Splitting 2 jackets in half and adding a raised panel for the medals.
  3. SMSgt Shadow Box

    SMSgt shadow box done in oak and stained walnut.
  4. USAF Security Forces Challenge Coin Stand

    To represent Security Police in the Air Force, thought I'd design a coin stand with a skull and the new AF logo. Defenders of the Force can display up to 35 variously sized Challenge coins in this rack made of red oak and cherry wood.
  5. Challenge Coin Display USAF Prime BEEF

    Had this idea to represent all USAF Prime BEEFers! Made of red oak and cherry wood, the US Air Force Civil Engineering Challenge coin stand holds about 35 variously sized coins.
  6. USCG Cutter style shadow box

    Made this shadow box with the "Racing Stripe " in it to resemble the stripe on the side of a USCG ship.
  7. USAF / USCG 3 flag shadow box

    Made this cherry case for a duel service member who served in both the USCG and USAF. Nice layout!
  8. Off Topic Coffee Lounge
    Hi LJ's. Life is kind of running these days, but not into the sand, just running and sharing wonderful moments with me. Some months ago I got a mail from a fellow LJ Elksniffer , he told me his son Eric was coming to Copenhagen and was wondering if I could be helpful with some places to look...
  9. Sweating for Bucks Through Woodworking
    I see a lot of posts on this site. Many have to do with pricing. " How much should I charge for this" is a common question. What if we all put a price on an project that we comment on in the project section. It is great for everybody to say " great job; looks cool etc." Lets put a price on the...
  10. Hand Tools
    I've been searching for a Stanley #25 Transitional, there is a gap in my collection for one. Wondering, is the Sargent #3409 a suitable alternate? The cast iron upper body looks like a carbon copy of the Stanley #25, but I'm not sure. That long boattail rear end is nearly the same, visually...
1-20 of 24 Results