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  1. Urban logged burls

    Some recent burls I have picked up. If you have time to visit my website or read any of my posts you will know I do not "harvest" trees. I just work with people to put stuff headed for the landfill/ burnpile to good use. I got most of these burls from firewood cutters. There is some hard maple...
  2. Clothing Rack on castors

    Hello. New here. Thanks for looking over my project. I decided to build a very nice rustic/industrial clothes rack to replace the ugly and not as useful rack that I had been using for a few years. This updated version will be able to not only hang clothes, but also store shoes, and other items...
  3. Laminated birch wood ring with European beech core

    This is not maple, as is the case with most skateboard decks, but laminated birch (not a skate deck). There's a bit of bleeding into the white bands, which I actually quite like. Gives it a bit more of a rustic feel :)
  4. Skateboard and New Zealand rimu pendant with black tourmaline three-dot inlay

    Finally started using some of the small bits that gets put aside from other projects.
  5. Wood gloat, urban style.

    Yeah, that's about all the free wood I can get here in Paris. But I have plans for this pallet. The big thing is that it was still covered with plastic, so the slats are perfectly clean! Not good for a stacked bandsaw box but good for a cabinet. Off to sanding, TTYL.
  6. Street Pendant Sculpture

    Pendant Sculpture suspended over 44th rd. Recycled Hardwoods. Custom steel truss. Long Island City. October 2013. Jay Greene
  7. The Scream (Pallo Verde Root Abstract Art)

    Urban Sonoran Desert miniature accent art piece procured from an abandoned, dead, Palo Verde Tree. I guess I would call this abstract art. I resisted the urge to over sand and polish this piece. I simply cross cut the end of this as it was rotted and decaying. When i did, I noticed a most...
  8. Blogs
    Making traditional wood bowls part 1-Getting the Wood We have a limited selection of hardwoods here in Alberta and the prospect of finding suitable pieces for turnings in stock with local suppliers is dismal. I have been on the prowl for a couple of years to track down and process some Manitoba...
  9. Blogs
    There can never be too much It seems like everytime someone says that he has "extra" lumber, or "more than enough" people jump to say that there can never be too much, as someone said: "there is no such thing is just enough, and too much is just right". I came upon a shop that closed, and they...
  10. Blogs
    Recovering the Lumber - or - how I leant to love bowling alley flooring OK, so now that the kitchen challenge is all over, I guess it's a good time to post a blog regarding kitchen items … or… hold on… um - oops. too late. Oh well, I guess I'll blog this anyways. So, the plan is to make a...
  11. Blogs
    Design So, after the disaster of last year, it's time to once again plan the disaster of this year! Last year, you won't recall, I planned to build a massive all-weather roubo style workbench, and after designing what I still feel is a really good design, faced the difference between the...
  12. Blogs
    Skateboard ring process breakdown A quick breakdown for Jim Jakosh and everyone else interested in how I make a skateboard ring I cut a 3×3 cm blank from the skateboard using the deck's original thickness. I then use the scroll saw to cut off the corners and reduce some of the extra wood...
  13. Off Topic Coffee Lounge
    I have no affiliation to these folks, but certainly have awe…I think I need to go down and check this out in person! PRONTO. Please check out this site with me: Urban Hardwoods Be sure to look at their slabs!
1-13 of 13 Results