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  1. 2x4 3x5 Box 1 Post Contest

    This is Post Contest 2×4 3×5 Box 1 of 2 Finished with Mineral Oil, and Deft spray can Lacquer Gloss. The center divider was removed because it's not going to be used for 3×5 cards. This is for my wife, Deanne, who likes Unicorns. I placed a Unicorn on the Top… then Wood Burned it.
  2. Another rescue wood project for the grandkids

    The vast majority of all those wood "stickers" lying on the floor all around the wood piles in Home Depot just become part of their daily wood "cull" and ultimately end up in landfill… unless someone comes along and offers to take it for free, rescuing it for a higher purpose … such as a couple...
  3. Unicorn Led Wall Art

    This is a great unicorn led wall art for kids who really like glitter and at night for a night light. For this unicorn project I used 2×12 Spruce Wood, 1×6 Pine Wood and 1×2 finger jointed Pine. For a how to video and free plans for this project click on Video Link: Check out my YouTube...
  4. Oak Pendant with Unicorn Inlay

    After scrapping yet another attempt at the cosulet bowl by Tina Florin (that pattern is going to drive me to the nuthouse), I decided I needed some instant gratification so I decided to try out Steve Good's instructions for a polymer inlay. I found a silhouette that I liked online (pinterest...
  5. Unicorn

    This little caricature is a small unicorn. It stands almost 4 inches tall, carved from basswood, painted with acrylics. This is my version of an original design by Desiree Hajny.
  6. Grandsons new hobby;

    Hey everyone, My grandson comes over alot in the evenings to spend with me while my Wife goes to work. On the weekends. he spends alot of time woith me. We try and do things together when health and time permits. This wekend I started to do more of the dried ferns and he was sitting there...
  7. My first wood burning

    I am proud to do things with my Papa, and doing a wood burning on my own while he was sitting beside me doing one of his own. I am proud of what my Papa does and I really want to learn from him. I hope everyone likes these as I learn from my Papa...
  8. Blogs
    Book Shelf - Portable Bookshelf - for Tabletop Book Shelf - Portable Bookshelf - for Tabletop Wood Magazine - May 2003 - for Plans I used a Sliding Dovetail to attach the shelf to the Ends instead of what the plans called for. I found a Bed Headboard on the street on Trash day… was solid...
  9. Blogs
    Band Saw Horse About a year and a half ago I posted my band saw horse. I had meant to get back to those interested in the pattern, much sooner than this. It is amazing how time gets away from you. I am new at making videos and it shows. So I can only hope that those that watch it, will find it...
  10. Sweating for Bucks Through Woodworking
    I've been out of work for a couple of months now. I'm looking into trying to sale my projects at fleamarkets. I've done boxes,whatknot shelves and picture frames. I don't know what to charge, any advice.
1-10 of 10 Results