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  1. Modern Floating Vanity

    Just finally finished putting on the drawer pulls so I could get some finished pictures of this uploaded. I built this vanity out of sapele wood. Carcass and panel were joined together with dominoes. I wanted to make sure this thing was rock solid and could take the weight of what I required...
  2. Over & Under Shotgun Roller Ball Pens

    Just got done with my first two PSI's Over & Under Shotgun Roller Ball Pens. One is made from Bloodwood and Deer Antler the other is all made only Deer Antler. Both pens are sanded too 600 grit sandpaper and then coated with 12+ Coats of CA glue, including the deer antler, then that finished...
  3. Blogs
    There can never be too much It seems like everytime someone says that he has "extra" lumber, or "more than enough" people jump to say that there can never be too much, as someone said: "there is no such thing is just enough, and too much is just right". I came upon a shop that closed, and they...
1-3 of 3 Results