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  1. Abomination Dresser

    UGLY! unfortunately made of second hand particle board for the sides (explaining the paint/paper mache); made of oak and whitewood board for the drawers. everything was pretty much second hand now that i think about it. if you appreciate woodworking you may find this quite distasteful.. ABOMINABLE!
  2. i like the ugly

    I love to whittle and carve ugly.
  3. Outfeed/Assembly Table/Workbench

    I have been in need of a shop table/work bench/outfeed/place to cram stuff for a long time. This summer I finally got a chance to solve my problem. My work gives out $25 HD gift cards for working overtime. I work a lot of overtime. It's made from construction grade 2×4s and...
  4. Air Scrubber

    well i was inspired by a few of you guys who made air filters to go ahead and make my own. I call it the franken-filter.. because it looks so effin ugly. i used three rotron fans as suggested by someone else, and because a common problem was the weight of the air filter, i decided to build a...
  5. Easy garage shelf to store tools on and under

    I made this out of a leftover piece of Advantech flooring I had - but you could just as easily make it out of plywood. Simple 2×4's cut on a miter saw at 45 degree angles make brackets. I used a kreg jig with some long screws to drill pocket holes to attach to the studs. I put hooks every 4...
  6. recycling center

    This was the biggest thing I've done so far. It's not pretty, the layout changed a few times due to mistakes but now my wife has a recycling center and I a have a place to sit in the garage when it's raining.
  7. Power Tools, Hardware and Accessories
    I ave seen many great mallets on LJ's for awhile now, and this weekend I made my daughters toddler bed. During that process I did a lot of chisel work and all I had was a deadblow hammer. Tis worked ok, but I figured if I had to cut more than what I did, I we be at it all week! I decided I...
  8. Blogs
    A quick 2x4 chair On July 3rd I threw together a chair to bring to the 4th party the following day. I decided to use up some scrap 2×4s. I had no plan, no chair experience, and about 5 hours time in which to make it, so I just sort of winged-it, inventing as I went. Here's the test-fit of the...
  9. Power Tools, Hardware and Accessories
    Hey all, this Labor Day weekend I was working on my drill press stand and table (more on that eventually), when my JET 10" jointer/planer combo machine broke down. The chain that drives the planer rollers came off of the sprockets. This has been an ongoing issue, and I had thought I fixed it for...
1-10 of 10 Results