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  1. Rehandled Dovetail Saw

    Ok - I'm not sure I'll ever do that again. You guys make it look really easy but damn - getting that blade in the right position and tightened… This is rehandle of a Two Cherries Gents Saw based on a video I saw on youtube (go figure). First, thanks to our friends at Blackburn Tool for the...
  2. Grape Trellis ... es

    Rabbits love tender new grapevine. I only found out after I planted a Niagara and a Concord in my daughter's yard to find them gone the next day. How did no one mention this in all my years of public school? Trigonometry yes, rabbit diet … no. Which one do you think could do me more good as...
  3. Paddle

    The paddle came pre-made the coin enset was 1.5" so I turned it into a 2 "off center from the factory". Engraved the Brass.
  4. Hand Tools
    Just bought these beauties. After trying them out, decided I hated the sticker and lacquer finish on the handles. Removed the lacquer then applied two coats of BLO. I live in high humidity Southeast and want to add one more layer of protection for the handles while still being able to feel...
  5. Power Tools, Hardware and Accessories
    Just curious. If money was no object, and you wanted/needed a new set of gouges, what brand would you choose. I personally would be torn between Two Cherries and Pfeil, leaning more towards the Two Cherries. Or would you piece together a set of old, used but in good shape, vintage gouges...
  6. Hand Tools
    I am looking into getting another set of chisels. I have a set or two already, but nothing of any real quality. I have the yellow stanleys that I like to beat on, because sometimes I just like to beat on stuff. I have a set I got at the woodworking show a year or two ago. Not even sure of...
1-7 of 7 Results