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  1. Wood Rack w/ Panel Saw

    Here we have my just finished wood Rack with Panel saw attached. I kinda got the idea for the rack from someone on here (a lady) and the wood whisper. I chose to use the 2×4 horizontal for space instead of vertical like the wood whisper, the lady did it this way. The Short supports come out...
  2. My version of the "Shop Dog" style folding sawhorses

    Here's my take on the "Shop Dog" style folding sawhorses. I built these by looking at the pictures that the originator posted on here and figured out the lengths and angles to suit my 6' 1" frame. A sensible person would just buy the plans from his site, but I had an itch to scratch and a day...
  3. Power Tools, Hardware and Accessories
    Howdy folks, I was thinking of purchasing a little something to feed my wood working hobby with some of the money I got for X-mas. Having plenty of projects I want to do, but none of the power tools to do them all yet, I was thinking of keeping to the smaller projects for now and investing...
1-3 of 3 Results