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  1. Log Furniture Juniper Table Lamp

    Free standing juniper table lamp. The white on this lamp is real pur in color and the shape reminds me of a boot. 15 1/2" tall w/o shade 23 1/2" tall with shade. Finished with 3 coats of satin polycrylic
  2. Custom Taxidermy Base Pedestal Deer Buck Mount

    This pedestal was originally a floor lamp, our custom had us cut it down and convert it into a taxidermy pedestal. This is a piece of juniper and is finished with satin polycrylic.
  3. Juniper Log Furniture Custom End Table w Pine Top

    This little table stand 30" tall and the table top itself is around 12". The top and the bottom are made from burled pine and the pedestal is twisted juniper. It was finished with Seal A Cell
  4. Juniper Log Table Base for Glass Top & Turquoise Inlay

    Here is another juniper log table, this is a solid piece. This base was made for a 5' x 6' glass top. We used jewelry grade kingman turquoise throughout.
  5. Burled Redwood Coffee table with Juniper Pedestal & turquoise inlay

    Custom made coffee table made from Redwood burl and a juniper base with turquoise inlay. It measure 18" tall, 18" x 28" top. It was finished with Seal a Cell and Arm R Seal.
  6. Juniper Log Candle Holder with Wood Burned Scroll Work

    I have been playing around with wood burning and actually have only one tip. So this was a test on patience, it didn't come out as sharp as I would have hoped, but I am sure I can do better when I order new tips for my wood burner. I did enjoy working on this piece, but was also glad when it was...
  7. Wood Pedestal Display Base for Taxidermy Mounts or Art & Sculptures

    This pedestal is made with twisted juniper, the bases are made from burled blue pine. It is inlayed with turquoise and has a hand rubbed oil finish.
  8. Twisted juniper display table pedestal for 3 head taxidermy mount

    This particular piece of juniper is actually a root that we had dug up. We used burled pine for the "tables". It took 65 hours to sandblast, sand and oil…..
  9. red stain poplar box

    I don't utilize the stain all that often but thought I'd try something different. And voila, there you have it. It is solid poplar. I can't even really see the hardware. Is it new or antique? It's a cool box. I was pleased.
  10. "Destiny" Wood Art Sculpture Turquoise and Gaspeite Inlay

    Well, I am really starting to like the "art" of the wood working. Here lately I am really enjoying, engraving and inlaying scroll patterns and inspirational words. This piece is inlayed with turquoise and gaspeite
  11. Inspirational Juniper Wood Art "Always Dream"

    This piece of juniper art I call "Always Dream" I carved the words and scroll with a dremmel tool and there is some wood burning. The front leg of this piece over hangs the shelf edge.
  12. Custom Wildlife Taxidermy Pedestal Display Base Turquoise Inlay

    This piece reminds me of pulled taffy, I love the way the bottom flows… The twisted up juniper sets on a Australian Burled Jarrah wood base with turquoise inlay. This piece was oiled/finished with Seal A Cell.
  13. Solid Wood Handmade Saddle Stand Wooden Saddle Disaply Rack

    We had a special request for a custom saddle stand for an antique saddle. This stand is made from juniper, the saddle support is made from blue pine and the base is burl pine. The saddle support is attached to the juniper with a lazy susan bearing so that the saddle can be rotated. It stands...
  14. Walter's Spoons

    This is a set of cherry utensils I made for Walter Lowery, owner of Table Art My friend commissioned the piece for his birthday gift (and also wishing he would be a good outlet for my work and I would be a good craftsperson connection for him). He sells to many 'stars' and has a fairly high...
  15. Juniper Log Coffee Table with Turquoise Inlaid Burled Redwood Top

    Custom order coffee table with a juniper base and redwood top inlaid with turquoise. The base is finished with polycrylic and the top is hand rubbed with several coats of tung oil. The table is 17" tall and the top measures 30" x 48" The center of the table had a hole and it was patched with a...
  16. Hanukkah Menorah Twisted Juniper Candle Holder with Turquoise Inlay

    Hanukkah Menorah made from twisted juniper with turquoise inlay. The Design was carved out with a dremmel tool, I then wood burnt the inside edges of the carving before I added the turquoise inlay
  17. Power Tools, Hardware and Accessories
    Hi, I am looking for a motor for my future Beall buffing system. In a second hand shop I saw this motor. There is no mark or no tag on it providing info. I do not know the speed, the power, etc … They do not either. Maybe among you someone will recognize the motor and then it will help me to...
  18. Blogs
    Juniper Log Coffee Table Base / Pedestal Since early fall we have been swamped in the shop and still have not gotten caught up from Christmas. Our inventory is depeleted and we are trying to get items instock as well as work on a few custom orders. Here is a rough form piece of juniper that we...
1-20 of 25 Results