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  1. Double Head Floor Mount Taxidermy Pedestal Display Stand

    We wanted to share with you another taxidermy pedestal that we have made. This one is made for 2 mounts. Juniper Shoulder Mount Taxidermy Pedestal The pedestal is made from juniper and blue pine *Specifics on this item Measurements: Pedestal arms are 53" and 54" tall. Top bases measure 8" x...
  2. Juniper Furniture, Twisted Log Table Lamp

    Here is a tight twisted lamp,we took a few picures of it from start to finish. You can see where we ran the cord through the lamp and all the multiple holes it took to get the cord through.
  3. Twisted Juniper Wood Taxidermy Display Base Habitat

    This piece was a custom order from a client in North Dakota. Is is made from juniper and the base is from blue pine which was found in our firewood pile…... It stands 36" tall and is approximately 22" x 18" We used General Finishes Seal a Cell
  4. Twisted Juniper Log Table Lamp, Solid Wood Rustic Home Decor

    Here is another table lamp that we just completed. I absolutely love this piece, the movement is awesome and just flows. It sets on a blue pine base.
  5. Solid Wood Juniper Taxidermy Display Pronghorn Antelope

    This piece of juniper was found in an old burn area and had been burnt which gives it the rich gold coloring. It is a smaller pedestal and would work well for a small deer or antelope. I am sure a taxidermist could do something pretty amazing with this piece. I can visualize and buck and doe...
  6. Twisted Juniper Tree Home Deco Accent Wood Art

    We have a client who has purchased several of our items and wanted a "tree" for his house. This will go inside of his house and "reach" over an indoor pond that he has. It stands just a little under 8' tall and is mounted on a pace redwood burl base which measures 36" x 22" The juniper was...
  7. Double Head Juniper Taxidermy Pedestal

    Here is another juniper taxidermy pedestal made to hold two heads. It is finished with polycrylic and inlaid with turquoise.
  8. Wall Plaque for Taxidermy Head Mount

    Wall plaque for taxidermy head mount, burled Australian Wood, twisted juniper and inlaid turquoise
  9. Taxidermist Display Pedestal

    Here is a single head taxidermist display pedestal that stands on its own. It is inlaid with green gaspeit and has a hand oiled finished
  10. Oryx Taxidermy Display Base

    Oryx Taxidermy Display Base sets on a maple burl slab, inlaid with turquoise. Hand rubbed oil finish
  11. Large Juniper Table Lamp with Stone Inlay

    Here is a table lamp that we had made for a customer, it was one of the first stone inlay projects that we have ever done. We used malachite, this table is on a cottonwood base as well.
  12. Juniper Wood Art Sculpture with Turquoise Inlay

    This juniper branch was custom made for a customer that is going to put inside a show case. It measures 51" tall, 35.5" long and 21.5" wide. It has turquoise inlay and sets on a Australian red gum burl base. This piece has been finished with General Finishes Seal A Cell Thanks for looking and...
  13. Juniper Log Table Lamp with Turquoise Inlay

    This table lamp was finished yesterday. It has turquoise inlay and free standing. It stands 18" tall and is 14" x 11" across the bottom. With a lampshade it will be 27" tall. It is finished with satin polycrylic and has a three way switch
  14. Juniper Lamp Table with Recessed Lighting

    This table lamp is created from a twisted juniper branch. It has two tables/shelves and stands about 6' tall with the lamp shade. There are also 4 recessed lights in the base. This particular lamp was custom made for a customer in New York and it took almost 40 hours to complete. All color and...
  15. Power Tools, Hardware and Accessories
    I recently bought a 14" band saw labled pioneer. Am trying to upgrade it to multi speed. Can anyone advise me on the step pulley I should put on the motor to get the most usable speeds for resawing? The lower wheel has a 6" pulley on it.
  16. Blogs
    Juniper Log Coffee Table Base / Pedestal Since early fall we have been swamped in the shop and still have not gotten caught up from Christmas. Our inventory is depeleted and we are trying to get items instock as well as work on a few custom orders. Here is a rough form piece of juniper that we...
  17. Blogs
    Juniper Coffee Table Base - raw material Here is the second coffee table base which we are going to be working on, this one will ship to Norway as well and it will have a glass top
  18. Blogs
    Putting together a new table idea Here is a coffee table that we are currently working on, this is one of those juniper pieces that we have had laying around forever and it has finally manifested into a neat little coffee table. It will stand aroun 19" tall This table will have a burled...
  19. Blogs
    Getting the plan We have had many requests for coffee tables, so we are making them as fast as we can. We plan on making 2 more coffee tables and I think the next two will have glass tops, anyway here is the project that I am working on. This table has a "sweeping" movement to it. I had a...
  20. Blogs
    This is just too cool In one of my previous blogs I had mentioned how we sometimes come across a piece of wood that we have no idea what we are going to do with it. Well this is one of the. We didnt think we would be able to run a cord becuase it was so thin. Well Tim has got this piece well on...
1-20 of 27 Results