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  1. Skylar's Step Stool

    I made it at Wahoo Public School in fall season.African Mahogoney wood. I biscuit jointed the legs and top together out of three pieces each. I drilled pocket holes to assemble the step stool together. I burned the work "Sky" into one side and an actual Sky with a sun in the other side...
  2. Turning Japanese

    A very good friend sent me some Holly, it is exceptionally clear and creamy. What to do with it to do it justice? You be the judge if I suceeded. This is a box with a drop-in lid. Approx' 112mm square x 69mm high. Made from Holly and Indian Ebony. Glue is PVA and finish wax over sanding sealer.
  3. Japanese Picture Frame

    This piece was inspired by the design of a traditional Japanese Torii Gateway, with a little twist i added to suspend a photograph in between two pieces of glass. I think i'll put a hanger on its back for the option of hanging it on a wall also. The whole thing is Spanish Cedar except for the...
  4. Woodworking Skill Share
    COOL STOOL with twine seat!
  5. Blogs
    Video Series: Rustic Collage Style Picture Frame Build a Rustic Collage Style Picture Frame. Here are a few previous projects and 2 videos for the build.
  6. Finishing
    I am refinishing a pair of rocking chairs with fiber rush (paper twine) seats. The chairs were never used and were stored in a dusty damp basement. The seats were never finished and other than a few years of dust are in great shape. Does anyone have a suggestion for gently cleaning the rush...
  7. Woodworking Skill Share
    For those who have been waiting, here is the revised deign of my prototype slabbing jig posted at There were some operational shortcomings with the original design, and I have attempted to correct the issues in this design. Note that I have not yet built &...
1-7 of 7 Results