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  1. Old World TV Lift Cabinet

    Its made out of white oak and heavily distressed. Finish is a combination of dye stains and glazes. Pretty happy with this one, whish I would of made two and kept one for my self. Thanks for having a look!
  2. Greene and Greene Inspired TV Lift Cabinet

    I've been dreaming about this project for a few years, spent 7 months building it, and finally finished it last weekend. During the design process I went through a few different craftsman inspired designs before going for this Greene and Greene theme. I've been on a G&G kick for the last year...
  3. Art Deco style bed.

    This was definitely one of the more challenging projects I've done. It was a commission. The client had seen an Art Deco bed (an original from the late 20's) on a web site and wanted something similar. I took a few elements from the original and worked them into my design- sort of a basic DNA...
  4. Cherry T.V. Lift Cabinet

    This cherry cabinet with a T.V. lift mechanism was contracted and built to suit measurements given. The doors had book matched panels. The lift mechanism was very quiet and neat to watch. Finished with an oil/varnish. The inside had space for electronics and movie with adjustable shelving...
  5. Building a Custom TV Cabinet with Lift

    I had a client who wanted to have a TV cabinet built so that the screen rose up out of the top of the piece on a lift. I'd never installed that kind of hardware before and was curious to see if it was a real pain or not. Turns out it was easy with the brand that I chose. It ended up being a fun...
  6. TV Lift Cabinet

    TV Lift Cabinet I built for a friend. Works awesome. Probably overbought on the lift though, I think this one could lift a truck, but thats me, Mr Overkill.
  7. Walnut Television Cabinet

    The television cabinet is roughly 35" W x 29" H x 17" D (when closed) and is mostly air dried black walnut. There is some walnut veneered ply on the (false) back panel and shelves. I kept some of the sappier wood with some really wild grain, but relegated it to the side panels. It's finished...
  8. Power Tools, Hardware and Accessories
    I just saw an ad on CL for this saw - $250 . He states he's had it 4yrs., but hardly used. I researched and got a few reviews, but I don't know those people! What does everyone think? I don't have a bandsaw now, but money is tight. Would someone make my mind up? Thanks in advance.
1-8 of 8 Results