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  1. Curly Redwood table trio

    Love the curly Redwood! Created this coffee table from a slab of Redwood…has some great grain that I thought I would share. I had the slab shaped out when it sold and the client needed it at 11 feet rather than the 12+ that it was…the cut off end became matching end tables. Tons of turquoise...
  2. Turquoise Inlay, Juniper Log Candle Holder

    Just finished this juniper cancle holder. It fits either votives or tea light candles. I have added turquoise througout, this is one that I was not going to add turquoise but… it was just begging to have it. I finished it with 2 coats of semi gloss polycrylic
  3. #2 Pine & Cottonwood End Table with Turquoise Inlay

    This is the matching end table to the other pine end table. The sizes are close to the same. The table tops have been sealed with Bullseye Sanding Sealer and Satin Polyurethane. And the bases were finished with Satin polycrylic
  4. Burled Cotton Wood Glass Top Coffee Table with Turquoise Inlay

    This coffee table is made out of burled cottonwood, the glass top measures 5'x3' and stands 17" tall. We inlayed the burls as well as a bear track design on the top of the posts with turquoise.. This table is finished with satin poycrylic.
  5. Juniper Log Table Base for Glass Top & Turquoise Inlay

    Here is another juniper log table, this is a solid piece. This base was made for a 5' x 6' glass top. We used jewelry grade kingman turquoise throughout.
  6. Burl Pine End Table Turquoise Inlay

    Burl Pine end table, Sits on a burl cottonwood base and has a burl cottonwood top. We inlayed a piece of burl pine in the top and laced turquoise though the pine veins. It is 23" tall and the top measure 17"x22" We finished the top with tongue oil and the burl pin pedestal was sprayed with...
  7. Rustic Lazy Susan with Malachite Stone Inlay

    We had a special request from a customer for a 22" lazy susan with malachite inlay. It is 2" thick and coated with 3 coates of poyurethane. This was a fun and simple project
  8. Mule Deer Lifesize Pedestal Display Mount with Turquoise Inlay

    This life size taxidermy pedestal was carved out of a burled pine log, inlay with turquoise and finished with Tung Oil
  9. Juniper Bed

    This piece is a queen size juniper bed set. I completed this project along with two other wood workers. The three of us worked liked an assembly line, one provided the material and filled in the turquoise inlays, I provided the shaping, sanding, and finishing (poly urethane over teak oil), and a...
  10. Curly Redwood table with Turquoise Inlay

    Curly Redwood coffee table inlaid with turquoise. Old growth curly Redwood…personally I think this is one of the most spectacular wood grain patterns, just stunning! I've had this slab for years, milled it probably 15 years ago or more…Worth the wait, the wood is beautiful! This tree was upwards...
  11. Mesquite Carved Ribbon Sculpture

    "RIBBON DANCER" as it's called is one of our newest creations. Made from mesquite, this sculpture is still a mystery to me on how Scott made it. I watched him from start to finish and still don't know how it's done. First mesquite was glued up in a large block in a few stages using the vacuum...
  12. Double head taixdermy display pedestal base

    This juniper pedestal was made to hold two shoulder mounts. It is juniper with turquoise inlay and is on a burl pine base and hand oiled.
  13. Wood Pedestal Display Base for Taxidermy Mounts or Art & Sculptures

    This pedestal is made with twisted juniper, the bases are made from burled blue pine. It is inlayed with turquoise and has a hand rubbed oil finish.
  14. Burled Pine Taxidermy Pedestal Diplay Base for Deer or Antelope Mount

    Made from Burled pine, inlaid with turquoise. Hand rubbed oil finish. This piece stands 38" tall and is 6 1/2" diameter at the top.
  15. Juniper Log Floor Lamp with Turquoise Inlay

    Twisted juniper floor lamp inlaid with turquoise
  16. Juniper Log and Burled Cottonwood Coffee Table w/ Malachite Inlay

    This is a project that we have been blogging about and just fnished it this morning. To read more about this table you can check out our blog. Thanks for looking
  17. Juniper Coffee Table w/ Turquoise Inlay

    Finaly finished this project, we have more pictures in our blog. What a long learning experience and somewhat frustrating, but now that we are professionals at this (hahahah) the next one should go a lot faster.
  18. "xbox"

    A small box made of Iowa walnut with a three gereration connection to the maker's family. . Beautiful box joints highlight the drawer which slides through from either end like a matchbox. A turquoise inlay on the top establishes the visual pun of "xbox." A dated maker's mark is burned into the...
  19. end table set

    A small set of matching end tables. Juniper table tops and base plates, with manzanita legs, and turquoise inlays. I used a 1" thick top plate of pine, router cut 3/8" into the underside of the table tops for structure support.
1-20 of 69 Results