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  1. Tiger Eye Bradford Pear Jar

    This is the item I made for the Turning box Swap2020 and sent to LJ stripit. This is my first true hollow form not made using the Ringmaster or bowl from a board technique. This is made from a piece of green Bradford pear found on someones trash pile waiting for pickup. When cutting the...
  2. Turning.boxswap2020

    I made the box out of quartersawn red oak during a presentation at the local woodworking store on routers and router tables. The awl is made from quartersawn red oak and an easy out. The pens are made from walnut and curly maple. I hope Bill enjoys using them.
  3. Turning Box swap 2020

    So, here I am in a turning swap with a bunch of people who know their way around that spinny tool and feeling pretty iinadequate. What to do? I had received a set of salt/pepper grinders in an earlier BBQ swap and made a joke about carving a salt grinder that looked like Lot's wilfe (Gen. 19 -...
  4. Swap- A Pocket of useful items

    For the recent "turningboxswap2020" I made a set of hopefully what will be useful items for Keebler (who was also the moderator) Starting with the Survival Pen and using Bubinga for the body I wanted to have a dark enough wood on the other pieces that were all chrome kits to contrast so I wen...
  5. My First Swap... and posting

    Hi everyone, This is my first official post even though I have many projects on the site under clieb91. I enjoying turning and joined the turningboxswap2020. I got Lazyman as a swap partner and made him a desk type set for his shop consisting of a Woodworkers Pencil, A Pen with a Fisher Space...
  6. LumberJocks Swaps
    It's time again for another swap. GR8HUNTER is finishing up the surprise swap now(which was great surpriseswap2020 check it out if you havent) and we have all decided to move on to another. In regular standing, I have completely ripped off the theme intro, rules, etc. format from the previous...
1-6 of 6 Results