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  1. Projects Wooden Witches

    Had lunch with some ladies I used to work with the week before Halloween. I had seen someone else turn some witches so I decided to give it a try to pass on as gifts. The ones I had seen were turned out of one piece. I tried that on the first one and did not like the head. So I cut it out...
  2. Projects Holiday nativity items

    I made a couple of Steve Good nativity item for the holidays. The first is a Nativity Illumniary. All the material is 1/4", I resawed a bunch of maple and poplar, cut to the correct size on the tablesaw. Each side is a different pattern so I stack cut 3 at a time, hence three boxes. The plans...
  3. Projects Christmas Bell Ornament

    Christmas Bell Ornament inspired by the work of Curt Fuller and Robin Costelle.
  4. Projects Spalted Maple Bowl

    Spalted Maple Bowl This bowl was turned from a spalted maple log I got from some family friends, who had cut the tree down in their yard. It's around 6.5" in diameter, and 2" tall. I finished it with Mahoney's Walnut Oil. Overall I like the shape of this bowl. I like the way it curves back...
  5. Curly Q

    This hollow form vase is turned from some gorgeous, highly figured, maple. It measures 9.5" tall by 4.5" wide. It is finished with Seal-A-Cell, 2 coats of Wipe-On Poly, and 4 coats of spray lacquer. I rubbed out the finish between coats with 0000 steel wool. I wish I had taken a picture of the...
  6. Euro-Style Pens

    What I did with my Sunday. Euro Style twist pens. The top row is walnut and maple in various designs - mostly I was trying different things with glue-ups. These are the designs I liked, the rest went in the burn barrel. The kits are inexpensive gun-metal models from Craft Supplies USA. I...
  7. Yet, another wooden Bowl

    Another wooden bowl ,made from scraps ! walnut,oak,and cherry. The bottom design came from another fellow lumberjock. thanks for lookin'
  8. Brett

    This hollow form vessel is turned from end grain, fiddle back maple. It measures approximately 6 inches tall by 5 inches wide. It is finished with aniline dyes and wipe-on poly. All comments and critiques are welcomed and appreciated.
  9. First attempt at a vase.

    This was my first attempt at turning a vase. I used some wood I found in a room at work so I'm not sure what the species is, but I think it may be mahogany from the look of it. After gluing up the wood I started turning it using a faceplate. Once I got it round I noticed a small knot near one...
  10. Recent work

    Just a quick look at what's been going on in the shop recently. I've been geeting wood and ideas in droves and I have been actively pushing some techniques. #1 is a cherry hollowform that is actually the one from my self supported hollowing system post witht he video. I carved and tinted the...
  11. Walnut table

    Making custom pieces for family and friends is a real joy for me to do. I had the opportunity to make this table of my own design for my friends Jack and Mari. Jack was one of my professors in dental school, and we have remained colleagues and friends for over 35 years. The provenance for the...
  12. Mesquite Vase

    Mesquite wood vase from the family ranch with malachite inlay thanks to the geology professor at the local junior college. used a Robert Sorby Hollowmaster on the inside. Didn't take as much as i could from the inside so its a little heavy but still loved the hollow master.
  13. New Zealand swamp Kauri bowl with Nz Paua inlay

    The results of one of my favorite past time hobby, this one was sold and sent to England as a wedding gift.
  14. Taper Gauge

    Had to post this to go along with my other project. I bought a reamer from The Windsor Institute. I was a little worried when I got it because I didn't have the measurements for the taper that would be required to fit into the reamed hole. I e-mailed Mike Dunbar, the Dean of the Institute, to...
  15. Make that a Double (Knot)

    having succeded in the single celtic knot, it was time this weekend to double up. Here's my Sapele cigar with maple double knot using Gary's technique. The kit is black chrome.
  16. Gifts for a trip

    We're starting to plan a FL trip here soon so I wanted to get ahead of things and knock out some gifts for the different friends and family we're staying with. The first going left to right is a baseball bat bottle stopper made from an ash baseball billet. I used a Ruth Niles stainless stopper...
  17. 2nd Pen-Zebrawood

    This is my second pen turned on my new lathe. The first one was of acrylic but this one is made from Zebrawood. Nothing fancy to note except that I used the Micro Mesh system for the first time and took the finish up to 12,000. Then a coat of Crystal Coat and it was all done. This is a slimline...
  18. A First Time for Everything! Tablesaw Jig! turns both inside and out of wood bowl!

    I don't think I've had this much fun with a Jig in a long time.. Check out the attached video to watch this really cool little jig in action! Using the jig i am able to use my table saw to create the traditional parabolic curved shape on the outside of a wood bowl. Fun project with great results!!!
  19. More School Fund Raiser Donations

    The school, where I used to teach, holds a fund raising event every year. Faculty and community members donated items for a silent auction. The money goes to help off set the travel costs of the students who participate in regional and nation contests. Our school has been fortunate to have had...
  20. Tamboti Bowl

    I tried to turn a segmented Tamboti Bowl, but unfortunately my gleu joint failed and the whole thing come of the lath. I really didn't see this coming. I was very careful with the speed and made sure my turning tools was sharp. Bell Forest Products description Tamboti: Tamboti is a heavy...
1-20 of 500 Results