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  1. Pedestal bowl or chalice: West Indian Satinwood and Lignum Vitae.

    Bowl or chalice recently finished. West Indian Satinwood and Lignum Vitae. Almost 10" tall. Paste wax finish. Thanks for looking! Alexander
  2. My three last pen for a friend

    Hello A friend ask me for making three pens for gifts for his family for christmas ( for his childrens) I go to my shop and cut some wood to making them Here is the result : three pens The wood : IF The finish : Wooden wax I hope he will be happy with them Have a nice day
  3. Bible Stand

    Bible book stand for a friend. The purpose of this project was to make a display stand for an old family bible so it would not be shelved on a bookcase. The woods used are curly maple and walnut. A satin-gloss lacquer finish was applied topped with paste wax.
  4. Power Tools, Hardware and Accessories
    Just when I thought I was all set with my 18 volt tools , out comes the all new and improved 20 volt line-up ! Some tempting features on the latest and greatest , but I can still remember back a few years ago when I was completely happy with my 9.6 volt Makita : ) LOL...
  5. Woodturning
    I have a bunch of leftover white oak from a project. Seems difficult to turn on my lathe. I'm still learning how to turn. Chisels are sharp, but maybe it's my technique. Is white oak considered a good turning wood?
  6. Blogs
    Hunting burl was a success! Hey all my friends. Just spent about 20 hours getting this Spalted Maple Burl from a guy in Sweet Home, OR. Nice place! It was one tree and about 10,000 lbs. 6" diameter burl at the butt. Beautiful colors. Grade A burl. Went over the scales at 25,000 gvw and I tared...
  7. Wood & Lumber
    Hi Folks, Is there any interest out there in Desert Ironwood (the real thing OLNEYA TESOTA) for pen blanks or knife scales? I sell Ironwood pen blanks for $4 each (Burl is $6 and sapwood burl mix is $8), these blanks are 3/4" square and 5 1/4" long, I can make them in jumbos for the bigger...
  8. Marketplace Classifieds
    Hi Guys…...a little blatant self promotion below….. ; ) I have some redwood burl, some redwood slabs, buckeye blocks for the knife guys and pen turners, maple burl, ironwood, a little manzanita and a few other odds and ends for sale. You can see 'em faster than I can tell you about them by...
  9. Marketplace Classifieds
    A manzanita whole burl with top flattened a bit and bottom roots/rocks/etc cut off. A big chunk o' wood. I make pieces like this to fit flat rate boxes…just tryin' to help you out shipping wise. : ) This burl has some char on it from going through the Eiler Fire Tornado. Google "Eiler...
1-9 of 9 Results