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  1. Projects Spalted Maple Bowl

    Spalted Maple Bowl This bowl was turned from a spalted maple log I got from some family friends, who had cut the tree down in their yard. It's around 6.5" in diameter, and 2" tall. I finished it with Mahoney's Walnut Oil. Overall I like the shape of this bowl. I like the way it curves back...
  2. turned spice jar

    I turned this little canister in shop class last year, I was following a similar design from an old magazine. It was a very fun project overall, though the glue up was quite time consuming. I can't say I'm much of a turner though ;)
  3. Large Carvers Chisel Mallet

    I turned this large Mallet from a piece of Hard Maple from my firewood pile. It was supposed to be a practice turning piece, but I've since used it a lot and really like the weight and size of it :) The Mallet is: 10" long overall (25.5cm) 5" across the head (12.7cm) The handle is 1 1/2" (3.8cm)...
  4. Lathe turned candy dish

    This lathe turned candy dish is made from walnut, mahogany (rim), yellow heart and padauk. This was the 1st bowl I ever turned. It's not perfect, but learning from my mistakes is what it's all about.
  5. Cedar Easter Eggs

    Getting some practice in for Easter.
  6. Turned “Classic” Style Spalted Beech Rollerball Pen

    Turned "Classic" Style Spalted Beech Rollerball Pen OK, here is one of my first WOOD, higher level pen turning. (Not including the failed Dovetail pen attempts as noted in my Blog) Turned from a blank of Spalted Beech that I had to stabilize myself during the turning process. It has quite a...
  7. Whine about spilled wine

    This is a project for this coming Jan. The Gallery Uptown in having an event called Wine about Winter and this will be my entry. The tray is cherry, the wine bottle is birds eye Maple, the goblet is maple base and figured birch top. The wine bottle cork is cherry burl. Yes the bottle is...
  8. 1st Bowl - Figured Maple

    This is my first bowl attempt. Its figured maple, finished with butcher block oil. Was bigger originally, but when I was hollowing out the inside I caught an edge and it went flying across my shop, oops ha.
  9. 2nd chair I made

    another project I've already posted but did'nt do justice to it with one photo. I turned both front legs and mortise and tenoned the rest. Finished with polyurithane. I also burnt the ivy in the back of the chair which was fun
  10. dart board cabinet

    sycamore sides, bubinga panels, cocobola turned dart handles and splines
  11. Elm Calabash Bowl

    7"x 4" Spalted Elm. Sanded to 400 then buffed with tripoli, boiled linseed oil one coat.
  12. Wine Bottle Stoppers - Wood Turning

    A few months ago I walked into a woodshop and kindled the flame of an old interest. Something new and exciting that stuck out to me was the wood lathe. The first time I saw the lathe I wanted to get someone to show me how to use it. After a month of catches and slips I bought my own and have...
  13. Cherry Stool

    This cherry stool was my first turning project. The legs have a bamboo look to them with a notch added at the widest points. The through tenons in the seat are wedged and it was finished with Deft Oil.
  14. Turned stuff, I love turning on the lathe.

    This is my first post, here is some of my amateur woodturning. 1st pic - bowl made of arizona alligator juniper, turns like red cedar maybe a little softer. 2nd pic - bowl made of gambel oak, very hard and dense, dang that torn end grain, gotta go much slower next time. 3rd pic - cookie jar...
  15. Mata Ortiz Influence

    Strawberry colored Alabaster Stone. Turned and carved Approx 5 inches tall Almost turned to thin to carve as it wanted to splinter Using a high speed drill that runs at 450,000 rpm
  16. Mata Ortiz Influence VI

    Strawberry colored Alabaster Stone. Turned and carved Approx 5 inches tall Almost turned to thin to carve as it wanted to splinter Using a high speed drill that runs at 450,000 rpm
1-20 of 365 Results