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  1. Headed to Georgia

    Well two of the calls I just got finished have found a new home. These are headed south to a father and son for the upcoming season. Top Eastern Red Cedar bottom Cherry.
  2. Short Box Turkey Calls

    I have a show this week and put together a few short boxes these are just part that are going. The first is a spalted maple body with briar end cap figured walnut sides and paddle. Second is all cherry with a little spalting in the body. Last is Rescued mahogany that was used in a shipping...
  3. Two More Turkey Calls

    I just finished up two more pot calls. The first is big leaf maple burl aluminum over glass that I was going to keep but someone bought and the second is Ambrosia maple aluminum over slate. Both have 3 coats of lacquer then are hand rubbed to 12K grit.
  4. Turkey Trumpets Amboyna Burl & White Oak Burl

    I just finished several more turkey calls. These are two of the latest. First is amboyna burl with an African blackwood bell and mouthpiece and the second is white oak burl with a cumary mouthpiece. Both have brass ferrules and are finished with Minwax natural stain and lacquer. The amboyna...
  5. And Even More Turkey Calls

    While these aren't finished since they don't have a sound board or playing surface yet I thought i would post them. I am turning pots to have them ready when i get an order, the buyer can then tell me what surfaces they want installed. This batch is box elder with more colors than the camera...
  6. Yep More Turkey Calls

    My bet is folks are about sick of these. It is that time of year plus I have a big show next month so I am trying to get as many done as I can. These are both 3" slate over glass first is Ambrosia Maple and the other is Spalted Maple. Finish is natural stain and lacquer.
  7. Even More Turkey Tube Calls

    I turned a few more tube calls the other day so figured I would post some of them. On the left is Holly the middle one is crosscut Spalted White Oak Burl and the last is White Oak Burl. These are around 3 1/4" long and use a two tier internal chamber to create back pressure so they are easier to...
  8. Tube Call and Pot Calls

    Had some commissions to get done and it finally warmed up so I could turn a few things. Pics are of a 3" Ambrosia Maple Copper over Glass, a couple of views of a Black Walnut and Holly tube call and two pics of a 3 1/2" Spalted Figured Hard Maple Double Side Slate over Aluminum
  9. Designing Woodworking Projects
    I need to design and build an outdoor swing set for my grand-daughters. Not big, but strong and reasonably easy to dismantle and move when they do move to a larger home. I thought I had seen a post about building an A-Frame side support for a swing set but now I can't find it. I know I can do...
  10. Marketplace Classifieds
    I am looking to see if anybody out there has any bandsaw box books they are willing to get rid of or sell. I was looking for Building Beautiful Boxes with your Bandsaw, by Lois Ventura. But if you have any others you are willing to part with please let me know. Or any patterns. You can PM me...
  11. Woodturning
    'Tis that time again LJ's. I have a question : how do you glue a mini bird to its perch on a mini turned bird house ?? these birds are made of polystyrene. thanks for the help. keep smiling John
1-11 of 11 Results