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  1. Kestrel (Falcon) Carving

    I Finaly finished thes Power tool Carving. It is a project from a book byFloyd Scholtz funishing all of the research. Itwas a difficuld project but fun project. Much more to learn. Thanks for looking
  2. Carved Walking Stick

    In the last year or so, I have started using a cane or walking stick as my back issues have gotten worse. This walking stick.was made using an unknown sapling from the ditch along with a carved topper. The carving was made from Tupelo wood with some added black eyes. Most of my carving is...
  3. Snowman & Christmas Tree

    My first shot at turning Christmas decorations. I used tupelo which is a little rough, but they sanded down nicely. The tree is "painted" with acrylic markers.
  4. Marketplace Classifieds
    Hello all, I'm new here. I was checking out your site and noticed many are searching for lumber and paying a fair price. My brother has a manual mill. We've been cutting logs. So far we have ~20. We'll cut some more as weather and time allow. The plan is to mill them this winter. So far most of...
1-4 of 4 Results