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  1. cabinet in master bath done!

    This is the smallest bathroom cabinet in the house. This is one of the few completely done. All cabinets in the house are made of Hard Maple. The sink I bought at Lowes. It came with a cheap cabinet that I tossed. The hardest part about this style cabinet with the flush doors is, to keep it all...
  2. Mallet

    Wood Mallet Built a wood mallet for chiseling, head was made from 4 pieces of hard maple wrapped around and a tapered piece of hickory. It's my day to day mallet, works great and the maple seems to be holding up very well. Finished with 3 coats of Tung Oil. 5 1/4" x 3" Head with a 8" radius...
  3. I almost lost my marbles!

    I like this box! I think it looks pretty good, and I've never seen one quite like it. It started with an idea… build a box for a brother in law that collects marbles. It's about 12' x 9" x 4" high. I made smallish compartments to hold some of his favorites. It doesn't really allow them...
  4. Stepstool

    I crafted this wonderful step stool in my awesome shop class. I used fine hickory wood and a cove router bit on this project. Finally I used tung oil as my finish.
  5. Mantle Clock

    I made this amazing piece of art in my wahoo high woods class. I used red oak because it really popped to me. I used tung oil to put a nice gold look to my clock.
  6. My First Box Joint Box

    Made with Walnut and Maple, the walnut board I used had a beautiful blonde streak so I tried to make the whole box with wrap around grain and streak, it turned out pretty good. I also got to try out my new Incra Ibox and made my first box joints. The box is finished with tungoil and I lined...
  7. Finishing
    I'm a relatively new woodworker who just finished constructing a deck box for our pool toys. It will sit next to the pool in the sun/shade and will be exposed to the Southern California sun and rain year round. For reference, I used the plans provided on the Lowe's website here...
  8. Finishing
    I need to turn to the woodworking braintrust, AKA, for this one. I'm fairly new to this hobby and working on my first "real" project: a pair of Arts and Crafts end tables. I did one at a time, and I'm finishing the first one. In order to get the color my wife wanted I used...
1-8 of 8 Results