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  1. Wine Stoppers

    Variety of Wine Stoppers. From left to right (Kingwood, Padauk, Cocobolo, Tulip wood, Purple Heart, Birdseye Maple and Purple heart.
  2. Christmas projects time!

    Well, it's that time of the year to start cranking out those projects which can be made in relatively short order and make the recipients ooh and awe, even though they may not have a clue just what it is! I made these for one of my wifes cousins so she can give them out. They are made of a Tulip...
  3. Prime Mover

    Except for my lay up through health problems you may have noticed the lack of projects from me well this is what I have been working on. This has been built for a woodworking magazine article. This took longer than expected due to the health problems, but I was not going to give in. I had a...
  4. Christmas Bowl

    A friend of my mum likes wood so dear old mum asked me to make this so she could give it to her friend for Christmas. 9" diameter and made from tulip wood
  5. Tulip Zen

    This is a Zen kit pen i made for a new client. He had commissioned this for his wife. The wood is Tulip wood & the kit is a Zen Black Titanium. Decal with several coats of CA to protect. It is starting to get warm enough during the day so that I can start doing the Super Glue in my garage...
  6. Solitaire Games

    I did a WIP and posted in my Blog HERE Here are the finished Games
  7. Sewing Box

    My oldest daughter likes to sew and for her 10th birthday I decided to make a sewing box for her. She had been given one of those fabric ones, but it couldn't contain all the stuff she wanted to keep together. So I searched high and low for a neat design and saw an old Dutch sewing box for...
  8. Puzzle This

    Had some great fun making this. A small puzzle for the kids to play with I finished it with a safe Varnish instead of colouring it it is 14" in the perch and 5" wide and 3/4" thick. The perch is an unknown timber and the Parrot is Tulip wood. I will be sending this one to my Mum to sell at her...
  9. mineralized tulip vase.."fantastic grain pattern" done on a ringmaster

    This vase has some incredible blue, gray and yellow grain…I created this particular pattern by cutting 14 rings at various angles on the ringmaster..gluing up, sanding to shape and then 10 coats of finish, with a rub and 2 coats of wax…incredible look…it stands approximated 11 inches tall and 7...
  10. Fire Engine

    Made this fire engine from plans in the "Making Heirloom Toys" book. I have changed a few things. I added two extra firemen and gave them hats, made an axe and also a few other bits. The main chassis and the main light wood for the superstructure is Tulip wood all the other wood came from my...
  11. More stopper doo-dads

    Just some more fun with the lathe. Woods from left to right: Olive wood Bocote Redheart Tulip Wood Cocobolo (I've posted this before but threw it in for the heck of it) After playing around with different finishes, I really like using eee-ultrashine and Shellawax.
  12. Tulip Wood Spoon

    Tulip Wood spoon with inlaid copper leaf. I cut a length of copper piping off, cut it down its length, hammered it flat, cut out the shape and then scribed a series of fine featherlike scratches into it.
  13. Present time

    Another present finished, still have more to do yet. Made from Sapele, Ash and Tulip wood for the tray did not want Sapele for the tray as it would have made the thing just to dark. Lined with sticky backed felt.
  14. Stained rim bowl

    Made from tulip wood about 8" diameter. The rim is stained with red spirit stain. First project after christmas
  15. Whirlpool Bowl

    This is another of my experiments in the world of woodturning where i am trying to use piercing ,colouring and texturing. This is made from tulip wood and is 8" diameter and 2" tall
  16. Ebonised peirced glitter bowl

    Tomorrow is club night and yet another competition, well I managed to complete this bowl yesterday only after twisting wrong while washing the car and buggering my back in agony all day yesterday and today. Also a short video hopefully showing the glitter effect even though the glitter does...
  17. Flower Power

    My latest piece have not given it a name. Made from Tulip Wood and American Black Walnut, decorated with ebonising spray then Jo-Sonja paints and finished with a gloss varnish
  18. Designing Woodworking Projects
    I'd like to attempt to reproduce this as a 10th Anniv gift for my better half. Do you think the apron is steam bent or just cut from a wider stock? This would be my first attempt at Teak so I'm trying to...
  19. Blogs
    How to Make an Inside-Out Ornament I have wanted to try to make one of these ornaments ever since I first saw them. They are so interesting, and everyone asks- "how did you do that"? I had trouble understanding a lot of the how-to descriptions, and even the videos were hard to follow. I found...
1-20 of 22 Results