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  1. Air Force retirement trunk

    I finished this retirement trunk for a Command Master Sergeant in the Air Force a while back but it was just presented recently. The customer wanted it to be able to hold his bugle yet still be able to remove it easily for use. This presented a bit of a challenge since all I had to go off of...
  2. Leopard box

    I made this box this summer for a customer who requested a chest with a leopard print theme. I used MDF for the panels and covered them with leopard print paper and varnish. The frame and accent pieces are walnut, padauk, and cherry. I had a lot of fun with this project as it allowed my...
  3. Restored Antique Cedar Chest

    I found this little gem in Montgomery and bought it for $35. It had a water damaged lid. It looked like a wet magazine or book was left on top of it under a leak in the ceiling. The skirt was completely destroyed. I took the entire thing apart, which was a task. I was very fortunate that...
  4. Plywood Toy Box with Reclaimed Oak Overlay

    This was a project that my niece asked me to build for her daughter (two years old now). She just wanted a plain plywood box. I can't just do a plain plywood box. I hate stain, but she does not. She asked me to stain it the same color as her furniture. So, I ragged on a coat of Red Mahogany...
  5. retirement trunk

    Retirement trunk I made for a MGySgt retiring from the Marine Corps after 30 years of service.
  6. retirement trunk

    Another retirement trunk for a MGySgt with 30 years.
  7. Steamer Trunk

    This steamer trunk was a Christmas gift for my son Shawn. It was made mostly of salvaged materials. My son was working for a construction company on some apartment which were being converted to condos. The company putting in the new cabinets had a lot of cabinet grade plywood that they used...
  8. Oak Blanket Trunk for Grand daughter

    I've been holding out on posting this because my camera went on the fritz. They don't build them like they used to. Unlike this trunk which with reasonable care will likely outlast all of us. Nothing extraordinary here. No plans. Just a solid red oak box and some joinery and trim. The...
  9. Butternut Trunk

    This one's made with Butternut, which I understand is in the walnut family. The dark wood is walnut. Birch buttons. The butternut is veneered onto LuAnn plywood for the box. The bent walnut strips are thin strips glued together with plastic resin glue and molded with a 2×6 form to get the...
  10. White/black trunk

    This trunk was ordered by my coworker to decorate her anteroom. It was made of pretty old firwood furniture boards. She wanted it to be on wheels, but I like it more without. Her idea was to make simple squared trunk, but I ''don't know'' how to make it that simple. Metal parts were sprayed in...
  11. retirement trunk

    A retirement trunk I was commissioned to build for an Ordnance Marine. Thanks for looking
  12. Retirement trunk

    I was commissioned to build this trunk for a Marine Corps Colonel retiring after 30 plus years. Very happy with the way that it came out. The box is made of pine with accenting pieces of walnut, african mahagony, and bloodwood. Incorporated emblems from Battalion 1/9, the Citadel, and Georgia...
  13. Walnut and Maple Chest

    Walnut a figured maple chest that I built my mom for Christmas. Frame and panel construction. I'm currently applying finish right now so i'll post more pics once its done.
  14. A commissioned piece

    My landlords 7 or 8 year old daughter (with her Dad) commissioned me to reproduce a Doll's Wardrobe Trunk that her sister picked up at an auction. It was an honer to do it for her. I did hers opposite hand to her sister's.
  15. Ebony stained Aspen Foot Locker

    I've been making hope chests/foot lockers for my nieces and nephews graduation gifts. I try to match design elements to each of their individual tastes and personality. Luke is a musician and typically wears black shirts and/or hats. Therefore, his footlocker was destined to take on a black...
  16. A Sea Chest " Man Box" For Grandson

    I built this for my grandson, Red oak on curved top, yellow pine and oak ply for side panels. I got the hardware kit from Rockler, finish is poly. I still have one to build for second grandson. Thanks for looking,Bob.
  17. Late 1800s Trunk Restore

    This was my first and very frustrating antique restore
  18. 3D Tree Bookcase

    To make the best use of the room in my new born son's room and to add to extra fun to it, I made a 3D Tree Bookcase to go off the corner of his closet. The base of the tree is a little over a foot wide and the branches stretch out as far as 8 feet at the top. It was made from four sheets of...
  19. large retirement trunk

    large trunk I made for a retiring Marine Commanding Officer
  20. large retirement trunk

    Large retirement trunk
1-20 of 104 Results