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  1. Rose Vine Keepsake Box

    This was a project that was an experiment that sort of went wrong. I tried for the first time to take a scrolled inlay pattern, then fill it in with polymer clay and bake according to the instructions. At first I was very pleased with the results, then I looked closely. Yikes! The lid now has a...
  2. Cherry Bomb

    A little tooth pick holder for a friend that is a gun nut. Turned from a Cherry pen blank.
  3. Poplar Mosaic Box

    Here is a poplar mosaic box I just finished making. The light color is sapwood, the dark colors are heartwoods from different boards. This one is a first for me on a few things: First, this time I paid attention to grain orientation when constructing the sides, trying to align the grains up...
  4. small trinket box

    This is a small trinket box that I made. First time doing the coves with my table saw. Really happy with the way that it turned out. Mix of Pine, Black walnut and African Mahogony.
  5. small trinket box

    Another small trinket box.
  6. Pencil holder stocking stuffer

    I made a bunch of these last year for office Christmas presents. I wanted something that I could mass produce easily with my mediocre wood working skills. I looked around the internet and found a commercially produced version of this. It was an interesting form and it seemed like a neat trinket...
  7. Honduras Rosewood & Bloodwood Jewelry Box

    When I first saw the grain in this wood I just "had to have it"...... As usual it is finished with Danish Oil and Black Bison Wax. This finished out to feel as "smooth as a baby's butt"! Dimensions are: 12 x 8 x 4
  8. Cupcake Box

    All done with my original design cupcake box. It's made from Bird's Eye Maple, Bocote, Bloodwood, Walnut, Oak, and Padauk. Some things need to be tweaked if I make another one but it came out pretty decent for a prototype. Finished with mineral oil and lacquer. It measures about 7-1/4" long x...
  9. Small Trinket Box

    A friend of mine came to me with a request. It sounded pretty simple, "make me a box I can put a small gift in to give to my brother-in-law." I had no idea what the gift was but I was more than happy to help out. While this should have been simple, I over did it, as usual. Once I set my sights...
  10. Finished my first box!!!

    Well, here it is, my first box. You can see the whole story about it and many more pictures of it in my latest blog It has been a long road of learning, but I am fairly pleased with the results… Thanks for taking the time to look!
  11. "Just a Box....Any Box"

    Well here it is-the Box!! Again, this was a process of learning, having never attempted anything like this before. I am open to any helpful hints for my next effort. Rick provided me with some rough cut circles, cut out of scraps of wood we had lying around. Some of it is plywood, some cedar...
  12. Woodworking Skill Share
    My shadow/trinket box is almost complete (see blog). I have lined corkboard with velvet for the bottom of the shadow-box/lid portion of my box. I have two military coins that I want to attach to the velvet lined corkboard. The deal is though, as the shadow box portion serves as the lid to the...
  13. Blogs
    One of the main reasons I joined LJ... Well, here it goes…the long story. On my last tour to Iraq I was stationed at Balad AB, the largest FOB (Forward Operating Base) in the AOR (Area of Responsibility). I was in charge of a 110 person security team known as the FPs (Force Protection). To...
  14. Blogs
    Started my Christmas projects. Well, as I said in last night's blog, today I started 3 projects that I need to finish in time to send off before Christmas. So I guess my insomnia paid off though because I was able to draw up my plans, measure and mark all my wood last night which made cutting...
  15. Sweating for Bucks Through Woodworking
    Hey guys, I haven't been on In a while, school/friends/life has been in the way. Anyways, I need to raise money for an upcoming trip, and want to use it as an excuse for shoptime ;) What small items do you think sell well? So far I've got boxes, and while rolling the dice I stumbled upon some...
  16. Power Tools, Hardware and Accessories
    I've seen lots of questions lately about Drum Sanders, Here is a website where you can buy 50 foot rolls of sandpaper direct from 3M. Various grits are available and other widths as well. You need to cut the ends to fit your sander but you'll save about half the cost. Lots of other sanding...
1-16 of 16 Results