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  1. Tree house

    I built a tree house with my two boys. We agreed on a monster house design. Now we got the roof mounted just before halloween. Front View: Back View:
  2. Indoor "tree house"

    An indoor "tree house" built in my grandsons play room. Just 4' off the floor, 4' tall, 4' deep and 10' long.
  3. Treehouse by Culprit

    Here is the treehouse I designed and built for my kids. It spans two Poplar trees in our backyard and is held up in the trees with 4 bolts - 2 in each tree. Aside from getting to see one of the happy clients, this video shows the construction details, gives dimensions, types of joints, and...
  4. Tree House

    This was fun. Most of the materials I found for free, including the cedar shingles which I got from a guy that was switching his old ones out. The logs came from a pine tree removal. I'll admit making it round, and having the tree pass through the house, added quite a bit of complexity but the...
  5. Nephews treehouse

    We built this Treehouse for my nephew last summer. I played Forman (knees and back, don't get me started), so we did all the framing and siding in my shop, and then transported the panels to their house and placed them up on a floor we built the weekend before. He's 6, so we only went 5 ft off...
  6. Off Topic Coffee Lounge Amazing what a little work can produce. (Note that this is not my work, just something I found…) -b
  7. Designing Woodworking Projects
    Attached is the plan for the platform of a tree house I am building. The beam circled in pink is a 10ft 4×4 as well as the perpendicular support beam resting on it. My backyard is not that big so I would like the vertical beam to be as close to the tree as possible so it doesnt sit near the...
  8. Blogs
    Tree house in a week I just finished my nephews Christmas gift and I am happy to say that it was very rewarding to see their big smiles on the day of completion. I have come to realize that doing something for other than money is so much more rewarding. It feels good to be creative I just wish...
1-9 of 9 Results