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  1. spalted maple

    spalted maple bowl
  2. Chess Board with Piece Storage

    The top and accents are walnut and maple (which is not terribly original, but I do like the look). The cabinet is oak. Above each of the drawers, there is a brass strip. The only purpose of these is an accent, so that the knobs would not be the only brass in the project (which would have made...
  3. Wood Pumpkin for Halloween

    Build Instructions and additional pictures: This triangular pumpkin lantern could be a nice addition to your Halloween décor. To give the lantern an aged timeworn look, the rustic finish uses multiple layers of paint, rough sanding and...
  4. Dog Leash/Treat Holder

    We have a few dogs and their leashes get everywhere. I thought this was a good solution to keep them together and also added a treat jar. I turned the hooks on the lathe and used a hose clamp to hold the jar. The back is poplar and the hooks are mahogany. Filmed a video if interested in watching...
  5. Wood & Lumber
    I joined this forum because I find myself in a bit of a bind. My wife and I have wanted a backyard patio for years and a couple of weeks ago we finally pulled the trigger. In a rush, we had contractors pour a slab and also set some pine beams into the slab for us about two and a half feet...
  6. Off Topic Coffee Lounge
    Happy Halloween everyone. I hope everyone has a safe evening and gets lots of goodies. I thought it would be cool to see everyones pumpkin carvings. Here are the pumpkins Heidi and I carved. Hers is the bat and mine is the mummy. Lets see yours...
1-6 of 6 Results