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  1. Projects Phantom of the Opera Monkey Chest

    Fun project, I may keep for myself !I replaced the plastic symbals with real brass ones I made from scratch !And a littel Fez hat and jacket.When you press the front button, he claps the symbols !
  2. Treasure Chest, Jewelry Box Size, Pine

    I was bored, so I decided to use up some scrap pine that was lying around. Pine… from 1x's, Curved Top/Slatted, Pull-out Tray, Storage below(use finger holes to remove bottom), Distressed with random objects, Torched, Lightly Sprayed with Polyurethane
  3. QSWO Steamer Trunk

    I made this from a set of plans in Woodsmith magazine. The bottom was pretty simple, but those end pieces on the top . . . The drawer is luan (aka Philipine mahogany), the rest of it is quarter-sawn white oak. Quarter inch QSWO plywood on the panels. Shellac to finish.
  4. Mini Pirates Chest

    I made this miniature pirates chest for a co-worker out of red oak scrap I had in the shop, that I was able to get 1/4 sawn figure out of. Another co-worker provided the contents- which is how I scaled the chest to size (it's a half gallon). I spent quite a while trying to figure out how to...
  5. Daughter's Pirate Chest

    Built this for my daughter over a weekend. Coopered lid, made from poplar and pine scraps. Inset hinges/lock. Finished with dye - gel stain - poly. Daughter and I beat it with sticks, keys, rocks, etc to get a worn look, she loved that part! Made a hand built, removable till inside that...
  6. Prototype Keepsake Chest

    I had seen this chest on a magazine cover a while ago, and thought it would be a great present for my daughters. This project, with the coopered lid, finger joints, and bent bands, promised to introduce me to some new techniques. In the spirit of Norm, I decided to make a prototype chest out...
  7. Treasure Chest

    Diresta inspired treasure chest made of steel angle iron and pallet wood.
  8. Treasure Box for the Grandaughter

    What to do with all those leftover scraps from the new deck… I built my grandson a treasure box a few years ago. Well, now little sister is old enough for her own treasure box. I used some redwood scrap ends a friend gave me after her deck was finished. Total size is about 16 inches by 9 inches...
  9. Wine Bottle Gift Box

    Created this box as a Christmas gift back in 2017. This was one of my first boxes around the time I started doing woodworking. This is now on my Etsy shop for those interested.
  10. Pirate's Booty | Custom

    This is a toy chest that was built around a pirate's theme. The customer ordered a Pirate boat bed with the same picture and wanted a matching chest. I did an arch top design and stained it the same accent colors used on the boat. The lock was an old style lock with a hand forged hasp. When...
  11. Small treasure chest

    Walnut chest with wenge trim and brass accents.
  12. Toy Boxes

    These are two toy boxes that were supposed to be last year's Christmas presents. Only three months behind schedule is amazing for some of my projects. I delivered these today and the recipients were very happy! Wood used is 3/4" pine for the sides and top with 1/8" thick redwood trim. The...
  13. A treasure chest

    The box itself is made out of American cherry. The lid is African mahogany, hard maple, and a smidge more American Cherry. I finished the box with 2 coats of satin Osmo Polyx, which is most definitely my favorite finish. It gives a really smooth, well made feel to everything but it still feels...
  14. Pirate's Chest

    I made this as a keepsake chest for my wife. It's all red oak. I steamed the top to bend the planks. The color contrast is just staining. The only thing not solid oak is oak veneer plywood for the bottom. I'm not sure I would make it the same way again, but it was fun, and I learned a bit about...
  15. Kaler's Treasure Chest

    Kaler's Treasure Chest.....Well, my best buddy is turning three on Friday, and I figured at that age a guy needs to have a place to store his best "stuff". So, I made him a box to store his treasures. The box is made from quarter-sawn white oak, with Aftican teak bands and splines. The lid is...
  16. Treasure Chest

    Handcrafted Treasure Chest, will custom build to order.
  17. Oak Treasure Chest

    Medium sized Treasure Chest crafted from Whit Oak featuring two removable boxes and printed cork lining the interior of the lid.
  18. Blanket Chest

    My wife volunteered me to build a blanket chest for the schools charity gala event :blink: She said it had to look like the treasure chest from last year, but larger…. and the top had to be the same, but no shiny brass hardware this time and I had to put the nails in it again…. :blink: I asked...
  19. Treasure Chest for a little over $10

    So my wife asked for a treasure chest to put prizes in for her students. This is what my son and I came up with. We actually made this from less than $2 in wood (2 packs of 25 - 18" wooden garden stakes on sale for $1 per pack) and about $8 in hardware. Not too shabby. Stained with MinWax' Dark...
  20. Studded Wormy Walnut...instant age

    Crafted from some old walnut, this is one of the smaller sized chests that I build. It features a removable tray and is studded with "daisy" tacks.
1-20 of 29 Results