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  1. Handrail Transition

    This is a Walnut stair handrail transition i made for a fellow woodworker at his wits end. I spent a bulk of my time making sure what i was gonna make would fit…... but hey….theres only like a few steps to any woodworking project…You can saw it, plane it, shape it, and sand it…thats about it.
  2. Stanley #31 Transitional Plane Restoration

    This is a plane I just restored. It's a Stanley #31 Transitional Plane that I picked up while on vacation. The second picture is the before. More information and pictures are available on my blog.
  3. Woodworking Skill Share
    I'm building a small apothecary cabinet for my wife's quilting supplies. She'd like it to have a gloss finish. It's predominately cherry, with pulls made from maple stained black (because I already had them cut when she decided she wanted 'em dark). I've already stained the cherry using...
  4. Blogs
    Shaping a handrail transition This is my attempt to show you how i made the handrail transition i listed in my projects page. What i started out with was a full size drawing of the handrail profile. I then decided i was going to do the rough hogging out of material by using a core box bit in...
  5. Blogs
    Stanley #31 Transitional Plane Restoration I came across an antique shop that had some old tools while on vacation. After strolling through I picked up a few planes and a saw vise (more to come on them later). Once I got home I decided I should start on the Stanley #31 first. I did some...
  6. Finishing
    I'm in the middle of building a "modern" style crib that will have white painted dowels between natural finished walnut. Do any LJ's have slick trick for painting a round dowel? I tried making some braces I could lay them flat and then roll the paint on with a little roller, but there isn't...
1-6 of 6 Results