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  1. Roundhouse

    Built this roundhouse for my 3 1/2 year old son. This is compatible with the Thomas wooden railway tracks. The roundhouse holds up to five engines and includes a turntable. No plans, just looked at different ideas on the web and this is what I came up with. Started off much larger, but kept...
  2. Diesel Locomotive

    Pattern design and cutting by Kris Martinson
  3. Toy train for my youngest shop helper

    Simple toy train for my youngest daughter, Evi (2 1/2 yrs). Pine with Shellac finish.
  4. Toy Train

    My friend asked me to make a toy train for her son's birthday. I think she had something simpler in mind but I thought it would be fun excuse to use a combination of tools in my shop (table saw, band saw, lathe, drill press, sander) and try and come up with something special. The train is made...
  5. Steam Locomotive 2

    Pattern design and cutting by Kris Martinson. Some guys never grow up. I still love old trains. Reminds me of playing with my Lionel toy train as a kid.
  6. Train on Trestle

    Pattern design and cutting by Kris Martinson
  7. Toy Train

    Dad and I started this train for my son during Christmas break and I finished it up at home. I'm a little disappointed with the paint job (and that's usual for my projects), but I am very pleased with the proportions, how well it rolls, and its extra sturdy nature. My son is 17 months-so he is...
  8. Cuyahoga Train

    Pattern design and cutting by Kris Martinson. From a painting by James Mann.
  9. Train at Santa Anita Station

    Pattern design and cutting by me. 1/8" Baltic Birch ply. Pegas 2/0 Spiral blades.
  10. Collapsing Bridge

    This is a collapsing bridge that is compatible with the Thomas wooden railway. Made this for my son for Christmas. I wanted to make him a bridge, but one that had moving parts (toys are always more fun if they have moving parts). Most of the bridges that move are a drawbridge type, in which...
  11. Train Table (Thomas)

    I would have bought this, but the ones I saw were all kind of flimsy. I wanted something that would not break if my daughter or a friend climbed up on it. This is nearly all 1/2" maple ply, with solid maple rails and reinforcements. If not obvious from the picture, it was a Christmas gift...
  12. Thomas the train table

    Built this for my son and daughter, well OK I play with it too. To buy the table was quite expensive so I built one out of some white pine trim I had and some old desk legs, thats why the hole plugs don't match. The inner frame is the same size as the mat so it carries the weight. The outside is...
  13. All Aboard! | Custom

    Last call to board for an awesome sleeping adventure. This bed is a variation of my standard train bed. Just changed the colors and graphics up a little. It was completed in December 2010. It was one of the Christmas order. It has a real working light with a three stage touch sensor on the...
  14. Scale model Steam Engine

    Scale model Steam Engine
  15. A little history.. First projects...

    Two years ago this Christmas, I decided I wanted to take a step back from commercialism and make some toys for my sons, Gabe and Sam. Gabe was 8 and Sam was 11 at the time. I was not exactly armed for the challenge, I had a hand drill, a large miter saw, a jigsaw, and a dremel with a new plunge...
  16. Santa with a Train

    This little Santa is about 5 inches tall and is holding a toy train for some lucky child. Carved from basswood, painted with acrylics. Claude
  17. Toy Train, Plane and Truck

    I wanted to make a wooden toy train for my nephew this Christmas (2017). I have made him a few other wooden toys which he really enjoys. Toy making is fun and enjoyable, however it was a bit intimidating at first. I found the plans for this design in "The Weekend Woodworker 101 Easy-To-Build...
  18. Animal Train For Toddlers

    I am a total beginner at woodworking and toy making. This is a small animal train that I recently made and my wife painted. The plans came from a book. I cut it out via a combination of a scroll saw and bandsaw. They are from a pine 1×6, I made the wheels via a keyhole blade in the same 1×6...
  19. My Most Memorable Project

    I have been working with wood off and on since I was in 7th grade back in the mid-80s but don't have very many projects I am comfortable bragging about. However, this is one of the best ones I have done both in terms of design and usage. My youngest step-son has Spina Bifida, is paralyzed from...
  20. Lego/Train Table

    Built this lego/train table for my son for Christmas. Measures 3' x 5' and 18" tall. Pretty straight forward project. My own design. Solid birch with a clear water-based poly finish. Mortise and tenon construction. Dovetail drawers. Drawer slides are full extension 24", but the drawers...
1-20 of 124 Results