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  1. TP Dispenser and Storage

    This was a pretty easy build, that is why it only took me 6 months. When I did have time, it was too cold in the shop to do much. I made it so that it would hold 5 rolls in the outhouse, but if I were to do it again, it would only hold 4. I think slightly shorter would have been better. I...
  2. Antler TP Holder

    Yes this is wood working. Saw a similar toilet paper holder in use at small restaurant the other day during our back country trip. I thought this is so different that you folks would enjoy seeing it. Made this one the last couple days. I had a tub full of antlers given to me by a friend about...
  3. TP holder - Such a cute idea and I've got to make one

    I have never claimed to be an innovator. When I saw something with great idea and design I don't mind copying it. About 20 days ago Jim Jakosh posted what I considered as a cute idea for a TP holder. I have a small board of poplar laying around in my shop so I decided to use that and make a Jim...
1-3 of 3 Results