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  2. Wooden Toy Play Pal Monster Truck, Laminated Oak & Poplar Body, Clear Shellac Finish

    This may be the last of these in the Play Pal Monster truck series. This one is my favorite. I really like the way the clear shellac looks on the Oak and I think the metallic purple hubs work great with it. This little truck is quite heavy for its size and rolls great on just about any surface...
  3. Laminated Oak and Poplar Play Pal Monster Truck

    Made from reclaimed oak and poplar this is another in my series of Play Pal Monster trucks. I cut this on a scrollsaw. After destroying several bodies attempting to cut the windows and get them ti look right I gave up and started drilling them. The finish is amber shellac except for the hubs...
  4. Play Pal Wooden Toy Monster Truck

    Another in my Play Pal monster truck series. This one is very similar to one in a previous project. The body is made from reclaimed oak and poplar. The wheels and axles are birch. The finish is hand brushed amber shellac. Wheels: 1.5 inches Body Length: 3.5 inches Body Height: 1.6 inches...
  5. Wooden Toy Truck - Play Pal - Monster Truck

    The second Play Pal Monster Truck I have posted here. I made this one from pine. I'm experimenting with materials and these are only 3.5 inches long. I just about always have shot pieces of 2×4 laying around. I think the mystery lumber they sell these isn't really a good choice most of the time...
  6. Large Buildable Wood Fire Engine

    A couple years ago, my sister asked me to build a large wood fire engine for a charity auction. I built 2 of them at the time. 1 was sold at the charity auction. On the 2nd one, I finished it except painting the main truck red, and gluing on the 3 wheel axle pins. A few months ago, I...
  7. Troop Truck

    This "Mil Spec" truck follows plans from the July 2018 issue of Wood Magazine. I constructed this toy for my grandson's upcoming birthday mostly from shop scrap wood. So, it has more species than the plans recommended. Woods are maple, cherry, mahogany (not a good idea), and walnut. Tires...
  8. How To Make A Wooden Monster Truck

    In this video I build a gift for my Girlfriends nephew. Instead of making the typical box, or blanket chest. I give this two year old the worlds coolest Wooden Toy Truck![/SIZE][/B] With the holidays right around the corner, i felt this would be a good time to get ahead on some gifts. When...
  9. Cab over Truck

    Hello fellow LJ's. Recently finished this cab over truck. I used both the Toys and Joys plan and the Gatto plan with my spin. Truck came out better than I anticipated. I used Ash, Walnut and Purple Heart. I used plexi-glass for the windows as all the wiring runs through the cab and i want to...
  10. Toy Dump Truck

    Hello everyone, A while back I made a wooden toy dump truck for a commission. Let me know what you think about it! Here is the video about it: Have a nice day!
  11. Truck for Grandson

    Made this one for the youngest grandson (2 almost 3). Hopefully it's durable enough to last him a bit. He's a rough-houser that one!
  12. Another finished R-11 Fuel Truck

    This is one out of a set of four. These are slightly smaller than the original truck I made. I am trying to figure out the best way to cut all the small detail parts. I have been using the BS to cut most of them but that required a lot of extra sanding. I have used the SS as well but many of...
  13. trucks

    trucks are made from les neufeld book tremendous toy trucks. i made ten of the twelve trucks in the book for my nephew. this is a wonderful book if you want to make very cool trucks for someone.
  14. Coca Cola Christmas Truck? No! Creatiedroom Christmas Truck

    Helloo everyone! Here is one of my most favorite models I've made so far! Based on the Coca Cola Christmas Truck. What do you think about it? If you want to see the video: Always welcome to share the video if you like it :) Thank you! Have a nice weekend! Jolien
  15. Tow Truck

    Well got my little tow truck figures out and build between weeks in the hospital and to sick to get out there, but man it felt so good when I could get up the gumption to get er done. This was made with walnut and oak. The wheels were left overs from other projects. I used the oldest tanker...
  16. Pickup Truck

    This is a Pickup Truck I made for my grandson. I didn't do a build blog on this as time wasn't on my side and I didn't take too many photos of the build process. My Sketchup plan for the Pickup Truck is available here. Here are the few photos that I took: 1) Detail of steering wheel, dash and...
  17. Toy Chevrolet Pick Up Truck

    Hello, Another toy made by me! If you want to see the video: Have a nice weekend!
  18. Articulated dump truck

    This truck is like the big dirt contractors are going to. If you like to do woodiworking with a lot of miters and angles, this is the one for you, I never counted them but there are more than enough. Each wheel has 72 slots to make the thread.this truck is made of walnut,soft maple, hard...
  19. Toy trucks for Christmas w/ paint job and rims

    Made these trucks for my 3 nephews for Christmas. Its oak and walnut on one, and oak and maple on the other two. I made the wheels from oak, and solid surface. With custom paint jobs on each. Hope ya like them, thanks for looking.
1-20 of 45 Results