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  1. Dressing up a stained glass airplane with spoked wood wheels

    This is the 2nd stained glass biplane with a built-in kaleidoscope. On the first plane, I cracked the glass in the lower wing in 3 places….....right where the brass struts were soldered onto the copper foil on the glass. I remember having trouble soldering the brass struts… I must have...
  2. Thumbplane/Toyplane dreams

    I have said much of what I wanted to say in my blog regarding this plane. Suffice to say it has been something I have been meaning to build for a long time. My thanks to a few dear people who always inspire me. Shana and Div.
  3. Wood plane that can be assembled many times

    Lowe's sells about 4 different small wood models designed for ages 5 and up to assemble using a hammer and some small nails. My grandson and I built the airplane last sunday…......he really likes putting the stickers on :) The nails were hard to drive, even for me…...because the wood was so dry...
  4. Fastest hand plane in the world!

    Fastest hand plane in the world can your hear the sound? This post is simply to bring a smile. (Updated with new pictures). I were looking for a round over hand plane on my shelves of wooden planes and here I found this forgotten beautiful old fellow, don't even remember where I got it from...
  5. Hot Rod Car & Tri Plane

    Just love to build toys. I hadn't made any for a long time and last month I built an air plane it has reawakened in me my love of toy building. They're quite simple can be done in a day or so but I think that's half the fun no pressure, just get out in the shop and make something that moves...
1-5 of 5 Results