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  1. They wanted toys - so I hired 'em!

    My girls wanted a little play boat for their miniature American Girl dolls. Since everything A.G. is way overpriced I decided to make them. I found some cheap hearing and eye protection at the store - so off to the workshop we go! They were made out of 2×6 construction lumber. I've never done a...
  2. Simple toy boats!

    Hi everyone, Yesterday I launched a new series on YouTube, my first miniseries! It's about making last minute Christmas gifts. All projects which can be made in only one day! The first one are these boats! If you want to see the video: Kind regards Jolien
  3. End Table - Walnut, Curly Maple, Cherry, Sapele

    I wanted to build an end table using a concept I found on an earlier project in this site. I've always liked the optical illusion of these geometric patterns. It was a fun project but getting the angles right is a headache. Even minor variations in the angle or size of the blocks is magnified...
  4. toy boat

    my nephew had his first baby boy, born on my birthday, so i wanted to make him a nice gift, so the land boat was created…..i found a new joy in making toys…i think santa has a great job…...grizzman
  5. Little toy boat (with Ruben)

    Little toy boat My friend (x-girlfriends son) Ruben and I spend som hours at the workshop First some cutting on the bandsaw, then sanding and putting it together. The metal keel, are just a piece og thick aluminium we cut in shape on the scrollsaw, and then mounted. Then we gave it some lacquer...
  6. Designing Woodworking Projects
    Well so far I am blown away at the amount of information I've found on this site. It's like it was created just for me. lol So now I'm going to put you all to the test. Approximately 8-10 years ago I found plans for making a very nice wooden toy speedboat in a WOOD magazine. I made it about...
1-6 of 6 Results