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  1. Paper Towel Roll Holder

    Simple paper towel holder designed as a vertical table top type. I left the post long to allow for it to be used for moving the holder and for use to stabilize the holder with a second hand when dispensing a towel. The perforations on some towel rolls is quite stubborn. I used three layers of...
  2. Mission bath shelf and towel hooks

    A couple quick projects that my wife requested for the kid's bath. Both are QS white oak with Stickley Fayettville finish per Jeff Jewitt's recipe. For the shelf / towel bar piece, the sides are attached with my 1st attempt at thru tenons. The top is just dowelled in place. For mounting, I...
  3. Basic Paper Towel Holder

    This is just a basic paper towel rack I mad for the kitchen. I forget what the joint I used is called, but it is quite sturdy, which is why I chose it. Just two boards, a poplar dowel, some stain, and a polyurethane topcoat. Simple, the way I prefer most things in life. Thanks for taking a...
  4. Bathroom Shelf with Towel Bar

    Woodworking is not only fun, but practical. Our towel bar, that was mounted to the wall with those plastic drywall screw type thingies, finally worked itself free on one side, looking like an old jalopy car with broken suspension springs. The one side was hanging on for dear life while the...
  5. Paper Towel Dispenser

    My wife had asked for one of those paper towel dispensers that one attaches underneath a kitchen cabinet, but I wanted to do something that said woodworker rather than handyman. So I gave it a lot of thought and came up with this. I put it together in 30 minutes from odd pieces I had around...
  6. Butterfly Paper Towel Holder

    Well, I really got into woodworking this year after finishing all of the house projects. This was a request from my Mother for her birthday present. I used a Dremel with a router base attachment to freehand the purple heart inlays.
  7. Paper Towel Dispenser

    Hi there, here is a paper towel dispenser I turned on the lathe that I made for my wife out of some walnut mill offcuts. It was finished with a rubbing oil and works quite well. I turned it in two pieces then I countersunk the stem into the base and glued it. I also made a larger one out of oak...
  8. Kitchen Paper Towel Dispenser

    A paper towel dispenser with display shelf. This is my own design, made from Pine with Dark Walnut finish
  9. Chicken Coop Style Towel Rack

    This is just a simple cabinet construction to mimic a Chicken Coop that I used as a towel rack. This was one of my first projects I made around 5 years ago. It is all Pine.
  10. Barn Ladder Towel Holder

    My wife made a towel holder out of an old ladder that was sanded, stained, and polyed. Used sliding door hardware and big j hooks for the actual towel holders.
  11. Arts and Craft paper towel holder

    I could not find a Arts and Craft style paper towel holder for my daughters home so we decided to make one. I think it will do, nothing out there to mo.del it after so it was trial and error
  12. Bathroom Furniture

    This is the story of the parts and pieces of the Throne Room but not the throne. This old house has a tiny little in-house out-house. It serves all the necessary functions but you can't throw a party in there. I hate regular medicine cabinets. They are too narrow and everything I own falls out...
  13. Blogs
    Easy DIY Towel Rack I was tired of my old bar style rack. It would always come loose from the wall, always had the towels falling off, and it just didn't look nice. I took it to the next level and create a new towel rack. YouTube Link-Remember to Subscribe!
  14. Finishing
    Hi Everyone, I'm very new to wood working (other than a few basic work benches and a very basic push kart with my son) and I have a question about when to prime and paint a piece. I am building a cubby style bookcase for my wife's classroom (5th grade, don't know how she does it!). I am going...
  15. Woodworking Skill Share
    I know there's a lot of people here who work in the building trades, my question is, what the heck do you do about this? My parents have lived in the same location for 50 years and have had trouble with ice off and on for most of that time, but never more so than the last few years. The icicles...
1-15 of 15 Results