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  1. Shaker Style Towel Rack with Cleats

    My wife finished up wallpapering the cabana bath with some charts she had from her days working on yachts, and we collaborated on this towel rack (she showed me a picture, I made it, she painted it, I hung it). I wanted to make it from poplar but my closets Home Depot didn't have any (weird) so...
  2. Towel Racks

    Here is a Towel rack for our guest bathroom. It is made from an aspen log milled on the band saw. I picked up a whole punch of rail road spikes and mortised them in after i clear coated them to avoid rust transfering to the towels.
  3. Native American Kiva (ladder) with tooled leather accents.

    This is my latest creation. This Kiva or Native American ladder is meant as a corner unit in bathroom for towels. It's also good for a bedroom or such as a place to display quilts. It's made out of eastern, red, aromatic, ceder poles and branches. The construction is mortise and tenon with...
  4. Bathroom Towel Rack / Pallet Wood and Vintage Door Handles

    Here is a picture of a towel rack I completed yesterday. It is made from salvaged pallets and vintage glass door knobs. I finished it using Old Masters Early American gel stain and four coats of DEF clear satin lacquer. It is mounted to the wall using a french cleat.
  5. Towel Rack

    This towel rack is essentially a replica of the towel rack that was in my grandparent's house. The back boards are roughly 6 1/2" tall X 5" wide and the perpendicular piece that accepts the two dowel rods is 4" X 4". All the edges of the bracket assembly were rounded over at the router. I turned...
  6. Simple Woodworking Projects For Gifts

    Last year I made a video about some simple gifts I made for my sister-in-law, and this year I wanted to double down and show you guys a few more. This time I made a few things for my wife for her birthday, and I gotta say, they were a hit. I created a knife block and a set of salad tongs using...
  7. Towel Rack

    One of the guys I work with wanted me to fix him a towel rack for his camper. He had one that had broken and asked if I could fix it. I just made him a new one. He did buy me lunch for a couple of weeks for it. Nothing fancy, but something else for me to help learn on.
  8. Swiveling Towel Rack

    This is a towel rack I made for an area of limited space in our bathroom. The three arms swivel independently for access to the towels. They had to be offset from each other by the thickness of a folded towel in order to park flat against the wall. It's made of white oak that was salvaged from a...
  9. Towel rack

    Towel rack in cherry, with Art Nouveau style "whiplash" motives.
  10. Bathroom Remodel

    My first remodel had to be our bathroom…take a look at the last picture uploaded and you'll understand why! The vanity, mirror frame and towel rack are all African Mahogany, with the case for the vanity ply, but with African Mahogany veneer. I wanted the bridle joints on the doors and drawer to...
  11. Three Wildlife Towel Holders and Matching Plaques

    I haven't posted a new project in a while, but I really liked this set of three towel holders that I designed and cut last week. They are simple, but both functional and attractive. My pieces were cut from 1/2 inch curly/bird's eye maple. I think the figured wood looks great with the simpler...
  12. toallero de aro (Towel Rack)

    Updated pictures, added two pics from Mexico So yet another one of my beach combing bingo's turns into yet another gift…. My brother-in-law and sister-in-law own a nice little casa south of the border (and it can be rented by anybody looking for a secluded vacation getaway…) They asked if I...
  13. Chicken Coop Style Towel Rack

    This is just a simple cabinet construction to mimic a Chicken Coop that I used as a towel rack. This was one of my first projects I made around 5 years ago. It is all Pine.
  14. Off Topic Coffee Lounge
    Observations that I've noted over the last few years with regards to production and hand-made kitchen cupboard/cabinet standards or measurements. My observation is that when a cupboard surround is constructed adjoining and bridged over a refrigerator that the cupboards are the standard (I...
  15. Blogs
    180819 Shop Blog New… Old Yankee Workshop If, like me, you grew up in the 80s and 90s watching Norm and his ilk on PBS, but then got into woodworking in middle-age 10 or 20 years later, you might be surprised to learn that the world has moved on. What was New Hotness of woodworking in 1988...
1-16 of 16 Results