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  1. Maple Log Totem

    Hey Jocks, Here's a new project I'm on. It's for a woman who took down a big maple in her yard and wanted to preserve some of it with memories she holds fondly of family and friends. The totem was designed by my client. I just had to make rough sketches of her descriptions. The maple limb...
  2. Totem Pole

    This is a 10 ft. totem pole I carved from a western red cedar power line pole. To remove the dirt imbedded in the surface of the pole I removed about 1/2" of the original surface with a router before starting to carve. This is key to maintaining sharpness of gouges. The characters are: Beaver...
  3. Totem pole - 1st half

    This is my 1st totem pole - a gift for my wife on her birthday. At first I was just going to figure it out for myself. Visions of chisels, chainsaws and other implements of destuction. Then I found out I could take a 5 day course from an expert. A guy named Wayne Hill who lives less tha 1/2...
1-3 of 3 Results