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  1. Arts and Craft, Mission Print Frame

    Just another frame! While I was making the two frames for the tiles that I posted the other day, I also made this frame. It is for a silent auction that will be held at a annual fund raising Gala for the Utah Food Bank. Hopefully it will do well. It is Quarter Sawn White Oak with ebonized...
  2. Bench 'N' Tote

    Here is a bench that can also be used to tote your tools, made from 1ea 1X12X8 plus a dowel. Stained and finished with paste wax.
  3. Inlaid Tool Box / Tool Tote

    I've been carting my tools around in a canvas shopping bag…until now. I made a big, solid tool box/tote out of Merbau. Hand cut dovetails, drawers, plane holders and a custom chisel holder that slides in and out of a rail. The hand hold is Maple, Jarrah, Merbau and a sliver of Ebony veneer...
  4. Lord's Prayer in Spanish Cedar

    Just finished a small Christmas gift for my in-laws. I made good use of James Booth model (Vector Art 3D) of Jesus and Tim Merrill's (see Vectric forum article) glazing technique. Thanks guys for assisting with this gift-the end result, which the photos do not due justice, is much better than I...
  5. Repair/redesign/rebuild hallway oak mirror frame

    The missus brought home a used oak frame housing a mirror. It was in bad shape, structurally, so I took it down to component pieces, added some contrasting cocobolo splines in the miters, to strengthen them. Sorry about the bad pic, I will try to update with a better one later.
  6. Beer Totes

    Hello fellow Lumber Jocks. I decided to go with beer totes for my first post. For this build I used 1x cedar planks from the local big box. There were issues because the planks had a crown to them, and I do not have a planer, yet. Extra clamping was needed because boards were out of square...
  7. Walnut and Holly Beer Tote

    Sometimes a project strikes my fancy and I can't get it out of my head until I build it. Such was the case with this beer tote. The general idea of a box to carry six beer bottles is not original by any means, but my design was pretty unusual. This may be one of the oddest creations I've made...
  8. Personalized Pallet Wood Beer Totes - Gifts

    Here are two pallet wood beer totes I made for my two son-in-laws. No need to say what they are fans of, right ? This is the reason why I burnt their favorite logos so their totes would be personalized. After I applied the Danish Oil finish, this nice wood grain popped-up. Then I applied a coat...
  9. Beekeepers Toolbox

    The bees are really kicking ass right now. I split my one hive into five hives, then one of them swarmed, and I was able to capture the swarm, so now I have SIX hives! I did sell one of them to the farm owner where I'm placing all but two of them, but I'm still tending to them all. Especially...
  10. 3 Christmas Projects

    The first is a game called "Shut the Box". If curious, you can google "shut the box" to learn more about the game. I made this with leopardwood and sycamore with walnut numerals. I made wooden hinges and placed them such that they can be shown off. The second project is a mail box made...
  11. 9" Dovetail Saw - Dovetail Tool Swap 2015 Submission

    This is the saw that I made for an amazing LumberJock, ToddJB, for the recent Dovetail Tool Swap. The basic materials are African Blackwood, Brass 360 bar stock, and 1095 Spring Steel. I am using a few of his pics because I didn't take many of the completed tool, oopsie! The saw handle is...
  12. Growler Tote from pallet wood

    From pallet wood. don't know what it was, but pretty hard, burned through some drill bits predrilling the brass nails. Similar design to my others, but adjusted slightly after dimensioning wood, finish is Danish oil natural 3 coats. Anyone guess on the wood?
  13. Simple tool tote made from scraps

    I needed a tool tote but didn't want to spend much time on it, so here it is. Made from 3/4 inch stuff for the sides, and an oak dowel from an old rocker. Simple but it works.
  14. Cactus Wood Bracelet And Ring

    Prickly Pear cactus wood skeleton cast in alumilite clear resin painted black on the backside(thanks to for tips) turned on the lathe. Both ring and bracelet mounted on stainless steel cores from . CA finish polished with plastx polish.
  15. Shooting Box

    It's been a while since I posted anything, so I thought I would and maybe get some feed back on some of the wood I used. I have no idea what some of it is. I took up another hobby….like I really needed another one, but I went to a customer appreciation day at Schrader's Sporting Clay's in...
  16. By Hand and Eye Tool Tote

    Similar ratios as the tote described in Walker and Tolpins book. Based on my hand span though, not Tolpin's (obviously). No measurements taken, just harmonic ratios ha. Walnut and oak and brass slotted screws. Main part holds panel saw and backsaws, chisel roll, and any planes you may want...
  17. Decorative tote made from reclaimed wood.

    I made this tote from reclaimed pine and oak. It is finished with Early American stain and two coats of semigloss poly. The handle is made from a vine twisted Sassafras stick.
  18. Replacement Tote for New Stanley Sweetheart No.4

    I didn't like the chunky tote that came with the plane; little too big for my hand and looked too squared-off for me. Modeled this new tote from an existing Stanley No. 5 tote. Made out of cherry. Actually much easier to make than most replacement totes because the hole for the bolt only...
  19. Slanted keepsake boxes

    Based on plans from (episode 605). I made 3 boxes as gifts, one cedar and cherry, one walnut, and one oak and walnut. Corner splines are also made from contrasting wood. I used solid panels for lids instead of veneered panels in the plans.
61-80 of 192 Results