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  1. Sign for the new toy.

    Hi guys I am not posting any boards till I have them all finished .. nearly 60 now,... more in the blog,,, but I did finish this sign. Large slab of Camphor Laurel that I found under a pile of recycled Silky Oak when I cleaned up the yard around the shed. It was the ugliest slab you could...
  2. Sign of the times..

    I wanted something special for number 100. ..Cut on the Torque Work Centre from New Guinea Rosewood and then laminated onto a large board of Silver Ash. Just on 5' long. This will be on the stand at the Working with Wood show in Melbourne next month.. Remember if you are there to come and say...
  3. Tumbling Block Lazy Larry

    This Lazy Larry is made predominately of Tasmanian Blackwood… with a ring of Silver Ash surrounding the tumbling blocks… Not much more to tell… 20 inches in diameter…. cirlcle and ring cut on the Torque Workcenter... very quick and very accurate..
  4. Power Tools, Hardware and Accessories
    I been doing some good trading, I trade some extra tools that I had for a Freud Biscuit Joiner.
  5. Blogs
    The Torque Has Landed! Up until now, our friends "Down Under" have been having all the fun. Not any more. The Torque Work Centre is finally available in Lubbock, Texas. That may not excite you, but it certainly does me since I now have one of those fantastic tools. It is the first in the US...
1-6 of 6 Results