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  1. Scrap wood tool tray

    My goal with this tray was to do dovetails the Hans way, which is to "Just cut, no need to measure". So I cranked out this tray in a Saturday morning out of scrap mahogony that was a brace from a boat we had just finished. So I marked the depth of the cuts, cut the pins, scribed the cuts on...
  2. Japanese tool tray - for the toolbox. (post)

    Japanese tool tray for the toolbox. My sketch for the japanese inspired tool tray. This post comes from my Japanese tool tote blog. To complete the setup for working with Japanese tools I wanted a little tool tray that I could use to hold and carry tools while working, especially to keep the...
  3. Blogs
    Japanese hand plane KANNA setup Japanese hand plane setup Fitting, tuning and sharpening. If you are looking for 'ready out of the box' just leave this blog now! This blog is for those who want to understand their tools, to trim, adjust and become the master of your tool. It is not a show off...
1-3 of 3 Results