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  1. Blogs
    Table of Contents Greetings, This blog series is going to be for postings that don't necessarily go with anything else, and/or entries that will be just a single post. I will probably use it mainly for random things around the shop. Stuff like jigs, tool holders, etc. I'm going to use this...
  2. Tool rack: keeping the wife happy

    My wife's been pestering me about the clutter of tools in the attic for ages, and as you can see in the images, she does have a point… So I made this toolrack from cheap pine planks to store my chisels and saws in. It's a first in many projects that are intened to get the tools off the ground...
  3. Pegboard Tool Stand

    At the theme park job I had over the summer I had to build a pegboard stand for some 'weapons' in one of the park's Halloween mazes. That weekend I told my kid about the stand and he mentioned, "Dad, I've never seen a rack like that, with all the tools in place on hooks." Duh! The light...
  4. Lathe Tool Holder

    Well as February is winding to a close so is a major part of my ShopQuest 2012. One of the goals this month was to get my lathe set up so I can use the tools easier and work more efficient. This idea came from two article in the last issue of Shopnotes Magazine. They had a nice looking wall...
  5. Improved and Compact Saw Till with No Balls •

    Dec. 26, 2010 After seeing SWIRT's Saw Rack with Balls I decided that I needed to try and make one. However, I needed mine to be more compact and smaller. So here is how I made my Saw Till out of scraps. It starts with the BODY of the saw till that uses a scrap piece of 2 X 4. I cut a piece...
  6. Swing arm lathe tool rack

    I made this to hold my lathe tools. It swings out over the bed of my lathe or back against the wall underneath a wall cabinet. Bowl gouges won't fit under cabinet unless inserted edge-down and carbide tools get their own rack.
  7. Turning Tool Rack

    Made a quick and dirty little project today. Since it seems that turning requires it's own set of tools and accessories, they need their own storage solution. So I searched out what had been done before rather the reinvent the wheel. I found this nice solution to storing the turning tools I...
  8. Roubo Tool Rack

    I was experiencing some "stress" on my main project (read: I was unable to light it on fire without witnesses) so I took a side trip down the PopWood "I can do that" street. What can I say? It's occasionally pretty nice to do a project start to finish in a couple hours-and to do it with...
  9. Turner's Easel

    Working in a small shop necessitates space conservation and tooling mobility. Since acquiring a lathe last July, the shop was adjusted to accommodate the machine along with an array of accessories. A solution to the accumulation of lathe tools required some thought. How to provide ease of use...
  10. Lathe tool rack

    The last picture is how I started out making my rack. I saw it on one of the videos. After seeing the design that Thedane posted I like it better so I changed my rack like his. The rack is mounted right over the lathe on the wall and shavings would fly up and get in the tubes. Only way to...
  11. Chisel tool rack

    Chisel rack I made for my Narex chisels. I used some scrap maple, walnut and pecan. It hangs in the wall cabinet with a french cleat, this makes it easier to take to different benches.
  12. Tool Rack

    Modified French Tool Rack from April 2011 Popular Woodworking. The wood is Douglas Fir which came from my old high school gym bleachers. I finished it with two coats of tung oil finish and 3 coats of lacquer.
  13. Making a Bushcraft Tool Rack

    Hello, friends! I made this simple tool rack from scraps using a chainsaw and a tenon cutter. Below is a link to the making video. Best, Max (aka Advoko MAKES)
  14. Lathe Tool Rack

    I felt like I needed to get organized now that I finally have a new lathe. As I was turning, I always had to stop and search for the next tool that I needed. After all of the Christmas gifts were done I took the time to make myself a tool rack. Not wanting to spend a lot of money on material I...
  15. Lathe tool rack

    Lathe tool rack built from scrap plywood and PVC pipe. It is hinged to fold under the bench out of the way, but swings out when in use.
  16. Shelf for Wooden Planes and Miscellaneous Stuff

    Two racks into organizing my workshop and I still seem to be drowning in tools, so I thought I'd put up one of the shelves that I'd planned to put above the tool racks on two of the walls. Basically I just screwed a 44mm square batten to the walls and screwed the shelf to the underside of the...
  17. F.O.R. tool rack

    This is my take on Adam Savage's F.O.R. toolrack. All in all, a very good addition to my shop. More about it here.
  18. Tool rack

    I've been wanting a nice hanging tool cabinet, but I just don't have the time currently. So I threw this together last night. I really needed this as my hand tools were all over the place. I had some old spalted poplar that worked just fine for this easy project. I coated it with BLO. Link below...
  19. Tool Rack

    I made this tool rack to keep most of my hand tools organized and close to my bench. The maple slats are about 2" wide by 3/4" thick with 3/4" space between them. The tool holders simply friction fit between the slats, and I used my shoulder plane to fine tune the fit. Also, in a fit of OCD...
  20. lathe tool holder

    once again another project for the christmas listing, as i made this took a part from robh's chisel holder and a o simple bar holder out of a magazine, made out of recycled pine pieces, any questions feel free to send a im. thanks for looking
1-20 of 33 Results