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  1. Square and tool holder

    For this project, my inspiration came from another lumberjock project I saw in passing, but I have not been able to find again. I have some delicate incra rules that will become ruined if I did not fix the situation regarding about how I store them in my garage… Therefore, after I saw the...
  2. Mobile Tool Chest

    While my french cleat system has helped me organize my most used tools, I still needed a place to store my hand saws, less used tools, and my growing hand plane collection. I found a plan in Wood magazine, then modified it to suit 4×8 sheets of ply rather than 6×6. I also omitted some features...
  3. Card Scraper Holder

    Finally banged one out in a day :-) I took some scrap ply, marked out my kerf lines on 1/2" centers, and ran 'em through with the radial arm saw (neat !). Then, I did an inlay of Wenge, or something, at the front and at the back. Then … I used my dado router jig, and carved out about 1/3" of...
  4. Lathe Tool Holder

    Well as February is winding to a close so is a major part of my ShopQuest 2012. One of the goals this month was to get my lathe set up so I can use the tools easier and work more efficient. This idea came from two article in the last issue of Shopnotes Magazine. They had a nice looking wall...
  5. Measuring and marking bits and bobs holder!

    I am terrible at putting down my tapes and pencils and not being able to find them again, so I decided to make a little, wall mounted, holder for all my common measuring and marking bits and bobs. The squares all stay in place through gravity alone but I popped a small magnet behind the tape to...
  6. Allen Wrench holder

    I took one piece of wood, made the appropriate crosscuts at a 90 degree angle and then beveled the board on the back side so it angles out from the wall about 5 degrees so the wrenches won't fall off. For some reason, I can't turn the picture upright.
  7. Live Edge Shelf? :)

    So it seems Live Edge is a current tend. I am personally not much into trends, but I found these gnarly live edge 2×4s on a recent trip tot he big orange store and thought why not, I need a new shop shelf at the lathe. So here it is my version of a live edge shelf. This one as you can see is for...
  8. Chisel Rack

    I've pontificated for far too long about building tool racks for my workshop, so I finally bought some pine, MDF and oak to build a few. This chisel rack is the first of these and a plane rack (which will be located to the left of the chisel rack) will follow shortly. I like using words like...
  9. Quick Draw Push Stick Holsters

    Made a push stick holster/holder that hangs on my fence to keep the sticks close at hand and easily reachable when needed. Cut the shapes of the push sticks out of a piece of 7/8" thick stock, then glued a 1/4" face on the outside. No inside wall needed since the fence is there. It's hangs on...
  10. Chisel Rack

    This chisel rack / stand was one of the very first woodworking projects i did, if not the first one. It was also the first time i used a router and Danish oil. The pictures are not so old though, i recently applied a coat of beeswax because it looked a bit dry. Originally it was finished with 3...
  11. Lathe tool holder

    Quicky tool holder. Design improvements to come, but this is better than the cardboard box. :-)
  12. Revolving Tool Holder

    I had a lot of tools hung on a magnetic bar over my bench and too close to the shop TV. Not a good idea, and it was getting pretty cluttered. So, I saw a revolving tool holder in one of the current ,magazines and decided to put one together. I made the whole thing out of one 2×10 x 48"...
  13. Leather Work Tool Holder (box with a bunch of holes)

    A friend of mine is getting into leather work and wanted a holder for his tools. He showed me some ones on ebay and I decided to make him one that was slightly nicer than what was found on the bay. I went to my scrap bin to look for pieces and this is what I came up with. It has maple front...
  14. spruce clamp (tool/ect hanger)

    This is a cool clamp I found, made by LAYERxlayer. Click here to see how they built it and more pictures. Seems like it could be a pretty useful thing to have if you had a big work bench and lots of tools,etc you needed close at hand!! Seems like it'd be pretty easy to make as well
  15. tool cabinet

    Just finished up my new tool cabinet yesterday! Thought I would share. The box is made of 3/4" Baltic Birch with box jointed corners. All the interior dividers, drawers, shelves etc are also constructed of various thickness's of Baltic Birch as well. It is finished with two coats of General...
  16. Pencil or Tool Holder

    I handmade this pencil holder out of Reclaimed walnut and oak from a tree that was hit by lightning. 9 5/8" Long 3 1/2 " Deep 3" Tall The Hole sizes are 1 1/2" for the big holes and 1/2" for the small ones.
  17. lathe tool holder

    once again another project for the christmas listing, as i made this took a part from robh's chisel holder and a o simple bar holder out of a magazine, made out of recycled pine pieces, any questions feel free to send a im. thanks for looking
  18. Cordless drill recharge station

    This is a little project I got from one of my Shop notes magazines. It was a fun little project and keeps all the little accessories together. The drill holder holes were drilled at a 30 degree angle. The unit could be mounted to a wall which I hope to do one day when I get the new shop built.
  19. "The Router Rest"

    This easy to make stand for your router works great for storing your routers and works excellent for placing your router down while working with it as you can "park it" after you let off the power while it's still spinning without worry.
  20. Simple and Easy French Cleat Tool Holder - Video

    In this video I show how to make a simple french cleat tool holder from a common garage tool holder that I got for free! I hope you enjoy! Thanks for watching, Matt
1-20 of 28 Results