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  1. Suitcase Machine shop

    I made this "suitcase for a machine shop" back in the 1970s to house my little Unimat SL 3" metal lathe and mill. At that time I had to do some traveling in business and had long nights in hotels and motels to endure. I decided to take along my little Austrian made Unimat SL metal lathe and mill...
  2. Wood case for Ridgid pipe threading kit 36345 00-R

    I recently bought a very nice Ridgid pipe threading kit with 1/2, 3/4, and 1" pipe dies…......but it came with no carrying case. Being a woodworker, I had to design and build a new wood case :) I used plain pine. The case box is 1/2" thick pine and so is the lid top. I modified a photo of the...
  3. Tool Cabinet from Fine Woodworking

    A year or two ago I hung up some of my general purpose tools (pliers, wrenches, screw drivers, etc…) on the wall. It made a huge difference in my shop. I was no longer using my adjustable wrench or pliers when I should be using a wrench because now the wrench was accessible. My shop was...
  4. Blogs
    Inside my traveling Tool Tote Based on a tool tote from Shopnotes #120, mine is used to transport various hand tools to local workshops that I attend. In this video I walk-through the contents as I prepare for a workshop, and show some of the features that I like about this tote.
  5. Hand Tools
    So my old man gave me this case of tools that belonged to his Dad, I never met him because he passed away when my Dad was only about 9 years old. My grandpa was quite the wood worker though, and he built this case to carry around when he did little jobs for people, it had some of his hand...
1-5 of 5 Results