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  1. Jennings Style Auger Bit Box

    I have a fist full of Jennings and Irwin bit that needed a home. I've always liked the Jennings three tier bit box so made one similar. Still need to install dividers. Here the link to the Blog
  2. Finishing
    I am finishing up a project that I have recently made. Is it a porch swing that I stained a darker color. I am wondering if it is okay to finish it with tung oil or will this not soak into the wood? Any help or knowlenge would be appreciated.
  3. Blogs
    3 Shopbuilt Brass Tools One of my great weaknesses is brass. Another is shop made tools. I like the look of brass, especially when it has aged. I must have a steam punk side that is trying to come out. I made these 3 tools out of brass. The square and the Fibonacci gauge can certainly be...
1-5 of 5 Results