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  1. Bubinga+Birds Eye Cherry Tongs

    I made some tongs out of bubinga and birds eye cherry wood finished with Watco Butcher Block finish. The tongs are in lengths of 10, 7, and 5.5 inches.
  2. Tongs, or a huge clothespin?

    I needed some tongs for the grill, so I grabbed some oak and glued 3 pieces together, rounded them over a bit, rasped some grooves, and there you have it. They are 17×3/4×2.5, and they just fit in the kitchen drawer. Finished with sesame seed oil.
  3. a nice pair of tongs

    Last weekend, I was looking for a quick little project to fill in some time, while I was waiting for glue to dry on my little cherry box. I've been meaning to make this pair of tongs, from an older Wood magazine project for some time. I grabbed a piece of nice straight grained oak, I'd rescued...
  4. BBQ Tongs

    The Wood Buddies have various family members who pride themselves on grilling. After a friend showed us a meat tong he made we obtained permission to copy and produce a series of these tongs for Christmas presents. By a series of cuts on one end of each tong side we were able to create a tong...
  5. Toaster Tongs-one piece

    It seems customers always ask for things you don't have. This lady asked for a pair of tongs for hot things in the toaster. I told her I'd make them from Osage orange because it is a springy wood that the Indians made their bows out of. So I found a block or Osage orange and it was big enough to...
  6. Simple Woodworking Projects For Gifts

    Last year I made a video about some simple gifts I made for my sister-in-law, and this year I wanted to double down and show you guys a few more. This time I made a few things for my wife for her birthday, and I gotta say, they were a hit. I created a knife block and a set of salad tongs using...
  7. toaster and oven rack tongs

    just finished up 9 toaster tongs for gifts this year.these were inspired by our good friend and fellow jock jim jakosh.i loved his design so rather than reinvent the wheel i pretty much copied his design.i did mine a little different by laminating cherry and maple,a classic combo.the size is 11"...
  8. Kitchen Finger Savers

    Inspired by the post of fellow lumberjock Pottz Made with offcuts from my spalted maple entertainment stand and locally harvested cherry. Finished with natural Watco Danish oil and a couple coats of wax. Wonderful holiday gifts!
  9. Few Goodies Made During My Time Off

    Made a couple of cutting boards, a valet for my son and a few shirts for gifts… Nothing fancy but had a great time learning… Thank you, John
  10. Salad Tongs for CHRISTmas

    I got a new 14" Bandsaw for my birthday, so my wife said I had to be productive with it for CHRISTmas. I had seen a pair of Salad Tongs made on "Woodworking for Mere Mortals" (SteveinMarin). I made a prototype with a few changes from Steve's out of some clear white colored Poplar, which were a...
  11. Salad Tongs

    I've seen simmilar tongs around the net & we needed a new set for home so after one aborted prototype I came up with this design. They worked so well I made a few more sets in Cherry, Maple and Walnut. They are all about 12" long by 2". For the hinge pin I used a length of heavy gauge bare...
  12. Salad Tongs

    Nice and easy project. Good use for scraps. I think I got the idea from a magazine a while ago. You need to watch the thickness as they get hard to pinch if too thick.
  13. Toaster Tongs

    Have you ever burnt your fingers, used a knife, a fork or turned upside down a toaster in order to get out 1) a piece of toast, 2) a Toaster Strudel, 3) an English Muffin or 4) something flaming out of your toaster. A solution. My wife is going to visit her mother this week and she asked me if...
  14. Cherry Salad Servers

    I made a set of Cherry salad Servers as a gift for my Aunt. You can check out the video here:
  15. Wooden Tongs

    Just a few pairs of tongs I built as quick Christmas presents. They're maple with padauk splines. They were made approximately according to this video by John Heisz of, just a little smaller. Finish is pharmacy mineral oil.
  16. Toaster or Serving Tongs

    I made a "production run" of twelve toaster tongs for use as gifts putting some maple and walnut scraps I had to good use. Ripped thin strips from some random maple boards for the tong arms that are each12 inches long and found pieces of walnut to cut the fulcrum blocks. I had to make some...
  17. Power Tools, Hardware and Accessories
    Over the years I have signed up for freebies from different companies for sample saw blades and such. A few weeks ago I got an email from Irwin Industrial asking me to take a survey. I completed thier survey about tool packaging and then just forgot about it. Look what I found on the porch this...
  18. Blogs
    An easy scrap wood project : toast tongs When I go to the lumber yard I'm always amazed at the price of wood. When I finish a project and look at my scrap pile I think to myself that's probably 50 bucks right there, and being cheap I can never make myself throw any of it away except for the...
  19. Blogs
    Family tools and my first tool gloat! Just before we left on our trip, my parents came up from Florida to visit in the last week in October. With them, besides lots of laughs and smiles and good times with the grandkids, they brought me some of my Dad's tools that had been collecting dust down...
1-20 of 21 Results