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  1. Toddler bed

    After a year of lurking and learning on this site, it was time for a bed for my youngest. I needed something quick that didn't require tons of skills I haven't yet developed, or she'd be too big before I got it done. I stumbled across a toddler bed plan on that I liked the...
  2. Baby Bed -Toddler Bed-Full Size Bed Combo

    A life long buddy asked me if I'd build a baby bed for his only child's first baby. Needless to say, I was honored to do it. So I asked ALOT of questions and I'm pretty sure his daughter thought I was the head engineer on the crazy train. I build everything to suite the person using it. The...
  3. Baby Crib

    I built this Crib for my first great grandson. He was born August 4 2022. The crib in made from curly Maple and Walnut. The sides and ends are constructed using loose tenon jointery. I used a JessEm - Zip Slot Mortise Mill for the loose tenon mortises. I made a fifth panel to allow changing the...
  4. 3-1 Crib, Toddler Bed, Full Size Bed

    I have referenced this forum and website several times during this last project. I greatly appreciate reading other postings, questions and answers, It has really helped out. My 3-1 crib project is completed with the construction, just waiting for my new Earlex sprayer to show up so that I can...
  5. Toddler bed

    My niece was turning 3 and continually climbing out of her crib. My sister asked me if I could come up with something that would hold her crib mattress. Obviously I had to go above and beyond what she was requesting! Started on a Friday and presented it to Adelyn on Sunday for her 3rd birthday...
  6. Toddler Canopy Bed

    My first attempt at functional furniture was my daughter's canopy toddler bed. She turned three yesterday, (Nov. 2, 2011), and this was her birthday gift from Daddy.
  7. Toddler Bed

    My first woodworking project was to build my daughter a toddler bed back in December of 2006. All I had was a circular saw and a cordless drill, but I managed to borrow a neighbors miter saw. With no knowledge of woodworking or jointery I found a simple plan online using dimensional lumber and...
  8. Lincoln's Crib

    Aug/Sept 2010 - Maple - 60"w X 46"t X 30"d
  9. Convertible Crib

    There is always a first for everything. Not only have I never built a crib, but to make it a convertible. I was really in for a task. So well worth it.
  10. Designing Woodworking Projects
    Hello all, Picture / post is linked. I am looking for advice in making my own version of the bed pictured. I am wanting to know the best way to join the vertical boards on the sides of the bed in between the 2×3 lengths, as well as what size boards they are. I'm thinking 1×4 / 1×6. I do most...
  11. Blogs
    Simple & Quick A couple weeks ago, out of the blue, I decided I was going to make a toddler bed for my soon to be 2 year old dauughter Emaline. I wanted it tbe fairly simple so she wouldn't be 6 by the time I completed it. And I wanted it to be easy to take apart when she, and maybe the next...
  12. Power Tools, Hardware and Accessories
    Hello! I am pretty new to the woodworking scene and so I need some advice from you guys. I was given a drill press and a sanding station that has a wheel and belt sander. Very exciting for someone with a $2 budget for tools! :-) They both look great except they sat in the guys outbuilding for...
  13. Woodworking Skill Share
    this is a pretty typical glue up round here and I had wished for 3 more clamps on one. This brought me to some other questions like what do other people's glue ups look like? How many clamps and what kind do you guys have? am I totally insane? I think I may need to go buy more clamps!!!
1-13 of 13 Results