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  1. Santa on Toboggan

    This is a Santa Claus riding a toboggan downhill with a bag of toys. The carving is about 4 inches tall and 6 inches long, 3 inches wide. Carved from basswood, painted with acrylic paints. This was an interesting carving to do, as I had to do the carving with the wood grain horizontal to...
  2. Toboggan

    Made this toboggan for a friend's kids. Was originally going to make a few toboggans this winter but after making this one, I think that my other friends will have to wait until next year. Steam bent 1/4 ash around MDF forms after soaking the kiln dried ash for a few days in water. The ash bent...
  3. Toboggan

    First toboggan ever made,its from black ash. 9/16" thick 15" wide and 5' long still a beginner at steam bending but its going to get better and better every project
  4. Toboggan from years past

    24 years ago, on a weekend away from my new career as an air traffic controller, I purchased an inexpensive Craftsman 10" contractors saw. I made a couple of finger boards out of scrap 2×4. I found a local lumberyard and bought some 8/4 ash. Using the saw and finger boards to hold the ash to the...
  5. Pinewood Derby Toboggan

    At work they organize occasional events and activities just for fun. Once a year they do a pinewood derby and this year I decided to race. I came up with the toboggan design because I wanted a vehicle that still looked like wood. I can't say it was fast since I placed in the middle of the...
  6. Toboggan

    I was ask to make this for a Christmas display for the Wichita Historical Museum. Its 16" wide and 66" long. Made out of Quarter sawn Ash and English Brown Oak. The runners are bent laminations. They are made out of 8 pcs. each, 2 ash and 6 English brown oak. Used West Systems epoxy for all the...
  7. good old fashion toboggan

    this is a project from back when I was in 4-H. the sled is made of solid maple. the curves have been steam bent, which was a bit of leaning curve figuring out how long to steam. I finished it with a marine varnish (which I would not do again, it is to soft and rubs of the bottom)
1-7 of 7 Results