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  1. Plate cabinet

    There is a place in our kitchen intended for a smaller refrigerator than the one we currently have. The wife wanted something to fill that void and this was my solution.
  2. Nautilus - Station # 5

    This piece is made of segmented Myrtlewood and Walnut. It's owes quite a bit to my fascination with the Steampunk genre, though I would not classify it as Steampunk. I have been turning for about five years. Since retiring about three years ago I have been able to put aside more time to...
  3. Woodworking Skill Share
    Ahoy everyone! I've been making cutting boards for Christmas presents and such for a few years now. Over time I've gravitated towards thicker end grain cutting boards because they seem more durable. I've also started using butcher block finish (I think it's beeswax and mineral oil) rather...
  4. Off Topic Coffee Lounge
    I'm in the middle of a project where i am building a wooden Garden bench see picture below… I made a mess of using my router template in carving out the letters, so I need to remove the 2×6 piece and do it again I used pocket hole screws and Titebond II wood-glue to secure it, I can remove the...
  5. Blogs
    CLAMP FOR MY BIESMEYER FENCE UNDER CONSTRUCTION Greetings to all once again; I am attaching photos of the clamp for my new Biesmeyer style fence that is under construction. It came out fairly well. The circular pads are adjustable by carriage bolts threaded in to t-nuts to correct any...
  6. Finishing
    Hi all, I keep attempting to make a beer mug and on my second attempt I got it completely turned and finished with beeswax. I then try the water test over night for 10 hrs just to make sure that it would hold. When I checked on it, this morning, I discovered I had created a modern art...
1-7 of 7 Results