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  1. Wall Street Black Titanium Pen from the Pen Swap...

    Made this from a blank of Brazilian Rosewood that I pulled from the LJ Pen Trade box. It was finished by sanding to 12000 grit and a simple coat of Shellawax on top, buffed to a high shine.
  2. Wedding Pens

    Wedding Pen Production! Here are the results of a recently completed project. A buddy of mine (the groom) wanted to give his groomsmen a custom pen as a gift for taking part in the wedding ceremonies. After some back & forth, he wanted to get cigar pens (chrome finish) made with cherry. Well...
  3. "Pheasant Wood" w/ Black Titanium Wine Stopper

    "Pheasant Wood" - Hawaiian Pheasant Wood or Golden Shower Tree (Kolohala) This extremely rare ornamental tree is normally found in yards and landscapes. Its distinctive yellow flowers and foot long pods makes it an interestingly beautiful tree. The wood's grain, when cut, looks like the golden...
  4. Newest pen

    This is my newest pen, which was produced as a gift for my sister in law. It is made from Olivewood that was harvested in Jerusalem in 2009. The metal accents are black titanium.
  5. Anodized Titanium Ring Core with Purple heart

    I've been playing around with the Ring Cores from Wild Wood Design It wasn't until after I made the first couple I realized the Titanium ones could be anodized. This is the first attempt with this process, and was a customer request of wood and colour. The fourth picture shows the potential...
  6. 1st Attempt at a Wooden Spoon

    My favorite spoon in my kitchen is an old, horribly stained plastic piece that looks like it will crack into pieces at any time. I just love the way the spoon feels as well as the thin handle - I use it to stir the coffee in my French Press in the morning. It also is strong enough to stir a...
  7. Jimmy DiResta Tribute: Titanium Icepick, Epoxy and Cholla cactus skeleton 1 of 3

    Video here: What is an icepick for (other than breaking up ice?) From the man himself: Jimmy Diresta was a huge inspiration and I probably wouldn't have started my youtube channel without him, so this is the first icepick out of 3 I will be making as a tribute to him! (hey the package came...
  8. Matching Pair - Amboyna Burl Two Tone Bracelet and Ring

    Here's my new option on my Etsy Shop - matching pairs. I just made these for a nice couple; he wanted a ring and she wanted a bracelet. I have some clean up to do on the wood to metal interface but all in all they both came out really nice. Thanks for looking.
  9. Power Tools, Hardware and Accessories
    I've noticed this set of drill bits on sale at Menards for $14.99 and wondered whether anyone can vouch for them being an okay set.
  10. Power Tools, Hardware and Accessories
    I hope I am posting this question in the right forum. I am very new to woodworking and I am working in a vacuum. We live on a ranch in a very rural area and my only contact for questions is over the internet. I have a SawStop table saw and my husband purchased me a Microjig Grr-Ripper for...
1-10 of 10 Results