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  1. transformer ice sculpture

    Did this project for my friend a while ago for his birthday, he's a real big transformers fan.
  2. Franklin chair or library chair

    Remember that last time that you tried to reach something on the top shelf that was just our of reach? Standing on your tiptoes still wasn't working so you started looking around for something to stand on. You don't want to stand on your nice dining room chairs with your filth encrusted boots or...
  3. Oak Rocking Chair - Xmas Present

    I made this rocking chair for my grandma for Christmas. I got the plans from WOOD Magazine. This chair can be use indoors or outdoors. I used an outdoor deck sealer on it and I also waxed and buffed it. This is my first chair I ever made.
  4. Planter Boxes

    These Planter boxes are about (L)18" x (W)18" x (H)12". I make them with just plane old spruce 2×4's and 2×6's. All the screw holes are plugged and then the whole box gets sanded to get rid of the mill glase. Then they get stained and lined with filter cloth to keep all the dirt inside the...
  5. Good Use of Old BBQ Carts

    Instead of throwing away my old BBQ cart, I made good use of it. As shown on the picture, I built a cabinet out of 3/4" MDF to stabilize the flimsy frame of the BBQ stand, added three shelves and installed this small router table, which is dedicated to a chamfering station, and my benchtop...
  6. Whiskey barrel head clocks

    Here are a few clocks I made out of whiskey barrel heads. About 21" round and weighing in around 15lbs. Heavy but nice. I had to watermark my pics because another project was apparently shared all around the world. :)
  7. Some my recent work

    Most of my work are Hope Chests, Cedar Chests and Memorial Boxes. I also do special projects and restorations. The Corner Display Case/with three glass shelves was for a local funeral home.
  8. Heavy Duty Finger Savers

    Inspired by someone using the eraser end of a pencil to keep his fingers away from the action, I made heavy duty models using 3/4'' hardwood dowels and a 4-pack of 3/4'' chair leg rubber tips I purchased at my local hardware store. I keep one at the table saw, one at the radial arm saw, one at...
  9. Halfpipe Ramp

    Hi, After we dreamed about it as kids.. Me and my friends finally built one. 2X4 structure, 2 layers of plywood on top( In retrospect, I recommend to do 3). the entire ramp cost around 1500$, and took 3 days build. link to video that show the whole process - Thanks, Daniel.
  10. Castle De Bryce -n- Brock

    This is a bed I built for my Boys a few years ago. I had just got divorced and the kids were pretty stressed about having to split time between the X's house and mine. I built this bed for them to help ease their pain. Turned out pretty good too if I say so myself!!! I got the design from...
  11. Veneering a column, restoration of an english regency rosewood center table.

    We received a restoration at the workshop, Antique Refinishers, San Diego, and the column had been re-veneered with contact cement and the wrong wood. As it was a neat project and it is the second time we are veneering columns (see my post on our Biedermeier table project) in the last 2...
  12. Desk Tidy/ Organizer

    Hey folks! I decided I would combine a bit of turning with some woodwork to make this pretty simple desk tidy/ organizer, let me know what you think! Be sure to watch the video bellow to see how it was made and for more details and images of construction of this desk tidy take a look at the...
  13. Dulcimers Finished

    Most of you know I have been working on two mountain dulcimers for a while and now they are finished. Both have been tweaked and messed with and they do play well now. This was a very rewarding build. Not so much at first when we did not think the #1 teardrop would ever tune. The #2 hour glass...
  14. Model of church GYM/life center

    We are starting to have building fund projects and I was thanking it would be great to have something for people to see and put there donations in . As you see the building will have a roll up door on one end . The locking handle on the back locks the the roll up door .
  15. DIY Shop Stuff

    Nothin' complex here, guys….just a few of the DIY tools I have around. 1. 37" bar protractor 2. assortment of center finders 3. blind dowel centers case 4. corner spline sled 5. coffee cup dust-keeper-out-of thingy box 6. shooting block same paper size as my pneumatic
  16. What will you ever do with that broom handle? A beader maybe?

    This has been on my list for a long time. I have actually been hoping to pick up a Stanley #66 for a somewhat reasonable price (reasonable for me usually means cheap). With that not happening, the next step was to make one. I've seen a few shop made beaders, and they all work, but I decided to...
  17. Oak Cabinet with two drawers

    This two-drawer oak cabinet was designed around three pieces of artwork; the beautiful inlays by Nelson depicting east coast lighthouses. The inlays were purchased at auction on eBay and re-framed in oak for the sides and back of the cabinet. The bottom drawer was custom-built with 5/8" solid...
  18. Finally finished the porch bench.

    Hi, I had some leftover pieces of white oak while I was building my house over 25 years ago and decided to "rescue" it from myself. The wood had been sitting outside all this time and amazingly enough it had very little rotted spots. The last board on the seat is a red oak as I ran out of the...
  19. Duplicate chair

    This was a residential job. These people just needed another chair.
  20. Reclaimed Wood Desk Organizer

    A neighbor tossed his old desk-hutch. It was dead on the curb, falling apart and saveable as a whole. So I salvaged the parts that I could. This is the first part that I refurbished. Sanded, repaired and painted this guy. Wish I had thought to make a before photo.
1-20 of 201 Results