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  1. Projects Holiday nativity items

    I made a couple of Steve Good nativity item for the holidays. The first is a Nativity Illumniary. All the material is 1/4", I resawed a bunch of maple and poplar, cut to the correct size on the tablesaw. Each side is a different pattern so I stack cut 3 at a time, hence three boxes. The plans...
  2. Journal Danish Adirondack Chair?

    With most of the router mortising jigs done, I put them to work, cutting the mortises in the side assemblies and the stretchers. With one side done, I discovered that the middle mortise on back riser was too large. I had cut it out at 7/8" wide instead of 3/4" wide. I repaired both...
  3. Blogs
    I've done a lot of furniture repair so I thought I'd share some tips on how to shorten a chair or stool legs so there's no wobble. I hope you find this helpful. Scott
  4. Cocobolo jar with suction fit lid

    This is a Cocobolo jar with suction fit lid that I turned the other day. The grain match came out perfect on one side, but just missed the mark on the other side. The lid fit is the best I have been able to produce so far for a suction style, doesn't fall off but not so tight you have to fight...
  5. Last minute easy gift: Step Stools

    I build a lot of step stools benches, stools, and shelves are easy builds and great gifts for the family. These take about 3 hours each to make after the wood is milled and ripped. I have one in the garage, and one in the house. I've found that freinds with high sitting pick up trucks really...
  6. Ridgid R4512 Tablesaw Outfeed Table

    Finished this outfeed table for my Ridgid R4512 tablesaw based on ideas from other projects and designs from lumberjacks postings. I designed the support knee brace to come off the rear axle of the casters so it is always set at the right height regardless of the shop floor. No leveling of...
  7. Marimba

    I played percussion in high school. A marimba costs a lot so made one. Oak frame, walnut keys (they should be made from rosewood or paduk). PVC resonators. Everything tuned using a store bought tuner. Since then i have bought actual mallets
  8. Bandsaw box

    A couple years ago my in-laws in Maryland had a very large Linden tree come down. When we were down there for Christmas I brought back a number of log sections and they've been sitting in my workshop ever since, waiting for me to come up with something to do with them. I finally decided to saw...
  9. Jus' Playin'

    Father's Day settin on the front porch carving…
  10. Mission Table Lamp Small

    This mission lamp is the smallest and last of the three piece lamp sets I built. This lamp also was built entirely out of scrap red oak left over from other projects. There are two pictures showing the various parts and jigs I built. Now that I have those built and have made a few of them I can...
  11. Shop Floor Dancer

    10" x 3" segmented bowl walnut, purple heart, maple. This one spent more time on the shop floor than on my lathe. I was not going to let it beat me. The fire wood pile was not going to get this one.
  12. LARGE Entertainment Center

    Here is something I just completed, colors are something that I'm new to but I think It came out alright. I used ebony dye and polyurithane, in the future I think I'll try and find a different option though.
  13. Box Jointed Birdhouse

    Solid Maple birdhouse made with box joints on all four sides. The rusted roof was cut from an old fifty gallon drum. The perch was taken off the end of an old butcher's steel. This birdhouse needs some vents in the back and a way to open it for cleaning. This was more of an experiment using...
  14. Père Noêl

    Hello This is my last project for Christmas Bye
  15. Jackies Bench

    This project started as a head board from a single bed. I was asked if I could build a bench. The inlay wood is purple heart. It was a fun project, and had some challenges. The end result was a piece of furniture that will last for many years.
  16. Spalted Japanese Maple Goblet

    "Spalted Japanese Maple Goblet" is such big name for such a small turing. I cannot get over how beautiful wood can be. This goblet was made from the trunk of a small Japanese Maple tree that died. I normally do not bother with such small pieces, as the trunk was only about 4" in diameter and...
  17. gerehchini arch

    a door frame with gerehchini arch
  18. Plaques

    This is what I make the most. I believe this a great personalized gift to give. I can use any picture Make the wood any shape/color The sky is the limit.
  19. Cookbook Holder/Stand

    This is a cookbook holder that I put together for my wife for this past Mother's Day. She had been using an old plate stand that I absolutely could not stand! The majority of the holder is made from ambrosia maple while the edge is wraped in black walnut. I finished off with a couple coats of...
  20. Mini Woodworking Bench

    I was asked to hold a French Polish seminar at our Mason Dixon Woodworkers Club Meeting. I knew that it would be impossable to do some examples using the plastic food tables that they had there. I had a piece of Maple Bowling Alley left over from my kitchen remodel so I dug it out and found...
1-20 of 500 Results