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    This table and matching benches were fabricated for one of our customers. It is 12' long and 4' wide.
  2. Christmas gift - walnut cutting board.

    A while back I was at the mill and picked up this #1 grade walnut cheap with the intent of turning it into a cutting board. As time went by I lost interest in that project and moved on to other things. A week ago my sister-in-law hinted she wanted a cutting board for Christmas, so I knew...
  3. Timber reception desk

    I made a table for a family in the summer and the husband was part of a group reconditions a downtown Buffalo building as upscale apartment housing and asked me to make the desk. I worked with their designer and came up with this design - it is Douglas fir timbers in front with led light strips...
  4. Finished Structure

    All work complete!!
  5. Hand Hewn Timber Mantel

    This is a 10 1/2" x 12" x 16' long hand hewn beam. It will be used over a fireplace and has a foe finish. We have recreated the effect of an old beam which was actually cut and fabricated a few days prior. Visit our website at
  6. Decorative Wood Ceiling Beams, Timber Trusses

    Timber truss fabricated at our shop and ready to be installed at the job site.
  7. NYC Hudson Street

    Look at how beautiful this came out. Located on Hudson Street, NY, NY. on TOP of a building!!
  8. Reclaimed Red Oak Dining Table, Pegged Mortise and Tenons

    Pegged mortise and tenon joinery. I put together this nerdy video of the process. Had a great time building it.
  9. "Divided" Juniper Carved Vessel

    "Divided" Juniper Carved vessel-This one was at the base of the tree were the trunk split off into two. Thus the name "Divided". The middle has beautiful burling and turquoise was inlayed into the cracks. The piece was initially carved out with a chainsaw and then grinders were used to finish...
  10. Tiki Hutt Installed/Has a New Home

    Well, this Tiki Hutt made it's way to Staten Island to it's new home. See our other projects at
  11. Timber Pavillion

    Built at our shop and assembled on site. Hope you like it!!
  12. Woodworking Skill Share
    You have to check these caskets out, they are so cool, looks like a sweet site too. no prices yet, but i guess you could call, well have a good one, and keep woodworking!!!
  13. Power Tools, Hardware and Accessories
    I am new to woodworking and I have slowly been acquiring the needed tools. Next on my list is a band saw. I am a fan of older American tools if I can find them. I purchased a vintage Craftsman 10" table saw, a Rockwell 6" jointer, and a Delta drill press. I have read good reviews on the older...
  14. Finishing
    So here is my situation. I am putting up a timber frame structure. I will not be able to roof it for most of the summer. Only me working on jointing raising and finishing! The red pine timbers were cut last year and have been drying for a year in a high tunnel greenhouse structure. I have...
  15. Woodworking Skill Share
    I am constructing a bar of 8"x 8" old growth pine timbers. At this point I am working on the 10' top. I have been using hand planes. I am having difficulty getting them perfectly flat and square. I would like to snug them together, perhaps holding them together with some bow tie type...
1-15 of 15 Results