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  1. Sawstop mobile base

    I know it is not made of wood but there is a small piece of purple heart underneath the saw that is not visible in the pictures. Trust me, it is there.. :) I blogged about the build here, Not a whole lot of reading, but lots of pics.. I'll leave...
  2. Contemporary Panel Light

    I made this light many years ago for a furniture showcase. Its tig welded aluminum, with walnut panels supporting frosted smoked plexiglass panels that are being held up with truck valve springs. It gives off good light, its really just an ambient light and piece of art but was a ton of fun to make.
  3. 3-Pickle Nesting End Table (Cherry & Butternut)

    Ran into 3 doofus issues on this one: 1) Forgot to consider metal expansion/overcontraction when welding the inner corners, 2) Cut the corners of the top smaller than the frame. To fix, I had to cut more corners. 3) Didn't account for hardware under the couch… .. Anyway, that's how it goes...
  4. Cutting Board Season!

    This is my second commissioned project, and was obviously a much bigger project! It is funny how it grew and grew. I made one for my wife who showed it of a few months ago and a neighbor showed up with an order for 10. She was so happy with the results on delivery she ordered one more! Along...
  5. Woodworking Skill Share
    I'm taking a tig welding course over the summer in the hopes of using steel (and maybe aluminum) for components in some mostly wood furniture. So far, all I can find locally is structural steel tubing, which has a larger radius than you see on furniture tubing. Any ideas on particular suppliers...
1-5 of 5 Results